1st Grow looking for some help with setup.

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  1. Whats up everyone, I am planning to start my first grow by myself soon and I was wondering if I could get some pre-advice! I will be growing in a 4'-4'-6.5' tent with a 1000w lamp(both MH and HPS). The grow will take place in the walk in closet of my apartment. My main question is how to properly ventilate? I followed a few tutorials on how to calculate the needed CFM of the exhaust and they all came out to about 180-250 CFM ratings. However, the carbon scrubbers I have been looking at have a CFM rating of about 400CFM, I'm not quite sure what this even means? Is this the necessary CFM for it to work properly? or the maximum capacity?

    Any help with this dilemma would be much appreciated or any other general info or advice (worried about the smell in apartment). :smoke: Thanks ahead of time
  2. on the carbon scrubber itself that is probably the maximum flow you should have going through it

    any more an i think it will shoot the end cap off lol
  3. So do you have any advice for what strength of fan I might need?
  4. well, i think you said between 180 and 250 cfm needed?

    you would want an inline fan like this

    Amazon.com: 6" Inline Fan 440 CFM Hydroponics Inline Duct Fan Exhaust Blower Vent: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    i think that's actually the exact same fan as the one i have been using for the past year and a half

    it's a little noisy, but with a speed adjuster, you can quiet and slow it down

    Duct Fan Speed Adjuster: Amazon.com: Home & Kitchen

    i use that speed adjuster with that fan, and it works just fine

    not sure if it will work with a 400cfm max carbon scrubber though, since the fan is rated at 440 cfm max...it may wear out your carbon scrubber more quickly or cause other issues

    a setup like that though is what you want
  5. in my experience your gonna want a fan that can move at least 450m3 as 1000w HPS gets so bloody hot you also may want to invest in a cool tube they help keep temps down a lot. you want good airflow coming in to your tent and all that hot air vented to the outside world or at least another room. my pipe goes from my walk in wardrobe through the wall across my bedroom behind the bed and out the window. tent stays nice and cool but my room is sooooooo hot! good luck
  6. @obbstar: yes, thats what I calculated from some websites I was just wondering if maybe any experienced growers had an optimum CFM they've used with results, and yea I think ima be getting and inline fan at this point.

    @Stoneroger: Thanks for the tip, What do you think about exhausting into the same room but having an Intake Window AC unit? Also is there a real difference between a cool tube and a regular hood with glass?
  7. hell yeah, i even forgot about the 1000w

    that fan i linked is the one i use for a 400w hps lol, so yeah, definitely up the fan power from what i linked
  8. definitely getting an inline hehe

    and if the regular hood with glass has the ports to hook up to ducting so you can have air conditioned air pumped directly over the lamp, then it's pretty much the same
  9. Aite, cool man thanks for the info
  10. i think cool tube is better than a hood but that's just me. heat is going to be the main issue by far! as it has been with me. I started originally by venting into same room and found it got to 40C in the tent then vented into my bedroom and the tent was 35C-37C and when i got the pipe out the window the tent was 30C this is after 18 hours build up on veg. so then i added a 2x9" oscillating desk fans that seem to stop temps building up in the tent so now temps are about 28C-30C when its hot. i have no AC and only a 600W hps i wish i could handle a 1000W but my girls would fast turn into twigs!!

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