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  1. Hey everyone, as you can tell by the title that I am looking for any constructive advice/honest opinions about how my first grow is going so far.

    I am currently growing 2 Death Star plants inside a 2x2x5 grow tent. Both plants are in 2 gallon fabric pots, with a 150W HPS light above. For my first grow, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, therefore, I have not given either plant any form of nutrients, only water and sunlight.

    The two plants are both currently about a week and a half into their veg stage where they are receiving 16 hours of light a day. I personally think they look like they are doing great, but then again this is only my first grow, so what do I know? So, I thought sharing my grow with more experienced/advanced growers would help answer some questions I may have.

    Here they are:
    All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!
  2. For week and half old they look fantastic , is that as high as the light goes? Might want to flower soon

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  3. They arent a week and a half old, its been a week and half since I switched the light cycle to 16 hours on, and 8 hours off. They're probably like 4 weeks old total. Yes, that is as high as the light goes, and how much typically will a plant continue to grow once flowering has been induced up until the buds are ready to be harvested?
  4. Can double in size or more
  5. I will be inducing the flowering cycle tonight, I will post updated pictures as the plants start budding.
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  6. Cool look forward to see
  7. Your plants look very healthy - good job. I'm afraid you will run out of vertical space soon, unless you do some type of training. The best scenario in a tent that size with that light would be one plant lst'd - that would optimize your yield. Good luck. :)
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  8. My next grow is going to be auto northern lights from Growers Choice Seeds, would it be effective to use a scrog with autos?
  9. Also
    Also.. What would be the best way to LST the plant at the current state its in (roughly 25 inches tall) its only a couple days into its 12/12 cycle so there are no buds yet either
  10. I had a plant similar in structure to yours, a couple actually, and I topped one at about 8 or 9 inches and one at 13 a couple days after the light flip with visible pre flowers, not buds but the random calyx here and there. Long story short, the one topped late stalled like a bitch! It started looking like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and I was positive it was going to be one of the better ones during it's veg cycle. I recommend toppings early and just LST while they're still flexible. But that is just my 2 cents

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  11. I don't grow autos - I prefer photos because of the flexibility on when to flower and the ability to top and train without fear of stunting it's growth. I believe that most auto growers will tell you that lst is ok for training - I'm not sure about doing a scrog.
    About all you can do now is bend whatever part of the top of the plant that is still flexible enough to bend without snapping in order to promote lateral growth. Good luck.

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