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    Hi all, First post, firist grow.

    been reading alot!

    Im going to be taking alot of que's from this journal:


    1st off, i know i could have learned how to build this or a better setup for much cheaper by doing it myself but i had no time and money is not an issue.

    for now im waiting for my bloom box to come in, (should come 2/17). and Ive already ordred seeds.

    My bloombox comes with 2 or 3 cycles of their nutrients and i got upgraded to the connisuour line of nutrients.

    I plan on doing a good amount of picture updates/posts .

    for now the only real question i have is regarding growing two strands at the same time, in the same area/bloombox. i have ordered these seeds:

    3x Honey B - Feminized
    4x Blueberry - Feminized
    4x White Widow - Regular
    4x Kali Mist - Regular

    From what i have read you can not grow different strands because they flower at different times and this becomes an issue when you do the hydro flush out during the last week of flowering (right?)-


    thanks alot for the help.
  2. Emailed bcnorthernlights today. they said the bloombox did ship...so prob 5-7 days.
  3. I'm getting one as well, have 18 clones ready to go in been vegging for 3wks 2 to 6in tall.
    Curious to see ur setup, my buddy who sold me the box just cropped and grew 2 strands, sweet breath, and big bud. He had no problems with timing. I'm excited bout the box but still feel like I will out grow it in no time, as space is a limitation which affects yield.
  4. would love to see some pics

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