1st grow in grow box in 30 years

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  1. ok Heads, first grow in 30 years, built a 4 ft wide X 2 ft deep X 6 ft tall box, 400w HPS, 1- 3 inch, and 2 inch inlet air and a exhaust. I got seeds from my buddy. They are 80 days old from seeds, so I only ended up with 2 females. I think I have a ph problem, just started FF Big Bloom, last week. It is sickly looking, water every 2 days, will give FF every other watering. My water is rain water, that I catch with a neutral ph. So I tested my soil, which was MG soil.
    My soil ph at bottom of plant is very low, below 4. Been flowering for little over 5 weeks.
    Any comments are appreciated

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  2. Ph is the cornerstone of indoor. You must resolve that before going to next level.
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  3. Yeah your ph needs to be atleast at 6.

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  4. Forgot to say I did add Dolomite lime on Friday sprinkled around on top hopefully it will bring it up, again chime in on any other helpful things I can do. The pot ain't nothing like it was in late 70s and 80s, there is so much good with genetics that it's not even in same ball park.
  5. It's pretty much just your ph though... I mean all of your other parameters seem alright, I probably wouldn't have used an hps for the full grow but it can be done. I'm entering my 5th week of flower as of today. [​IMG]

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  6. The other thing is did you use any nutes during veg? Or just big bloom during flower?

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  7. I did use osmocote a MG product, 2 times then read where I should not, so no not on a regular basis, think next I'll try autos
  8. Alright you start a thread, ask for advice and then when 2 people tell you the same advice you continue to just talk.... fix your ph for you next run and throw out all that MG cancer bullshit.

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  9. Thanks, just trying to put everything that I've done out there,
    Ok will the dolomite lime help my problem?
  10. Your pic looks good of ur 5 week flower, what strain, what lights beside HPS should I use next grow.
  11. Well if you want to use hps, most people use a combination of hps and mh. It's an unknown strain actually, I grow with Led lights tho.

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  12. Looks good
  13. I would not trust rain water at all, it's normally very acidic, just use tap water and ph it correctly
  14. Thanks for all the info, I searched over the forum all nite, and found some good post about ph, so I did a six gal flush, and added small amount of
    FF so we shall see.

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