1st grow in coco. Doing it right?

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  1. Hi guys I have some questions on my first grow in coco. And want to make sure I’m doing everything right. Some growing info.

    I brought 2x 9L coir peat bricks (pic) Hydrated them like instructions. Then I used a plastic plastic pot saucer I drill lots of 3mm holes in and rinse the coco. Then added the rinsed coco into my wheelbarrow and added my %30 perlite (pic). A few days later I grabbed all my coco/perlite and put it in a pillow case. And submerged the case in a big bucket of water ph 6.2. With 7.5ml/G like instructions on the cococannibis site. I left it about 24hrs because I had to work. I drained the water/nutes and refilled it back up like instructions. I left the coco in for a few days. I filled up my small black pots with my coco. I ran 5.8ph water through the pots until waste water was reading the same. It did take some watering.

    I had already sprouted 2 seedlings (green crack) a couple of weeks earlier. I originally was going to grow in soil again so seedlings were in soil. I had them on my window sill through the day and used a crappy led light I had (pic) the plants sprouted about the 05/03/19. Then went into with windowsill and led on the 05/09/19 until I had finished off my drain to waste automated setup in my 3x. Since being the tent I’ve added another T5 light. And changed the waste containers for bigger pots.

    Automated watering system:
    60L reservoir
    600L/H pump submersible
    250L/H pump circulating water and nutes.
    55w fish tank heater 20C
    13mm mainline to Y piece.
    It currently has clear 8mm hose to pots and home made halos with holes drilled in them. But I’m changing it to black tubing with rings. But thinking about putting 5x these on each ring instead of holes in them. What would be better? Holman PC Shrubbler Barbed Dripper - 10 Pack

    Lights are on 20/4 schedule. Watering 5mins after lights come on. Then 10hrs later. I have a 1sec interval timer. It waters for 25secs and gets plenty of run off.

    Nutrients I’m using are:
    GH micro/bloom LUCAS FORMULA 6/9
    GH armor si
    GH Cali-Magic
    GH florablend
    GH diamond nectar
    GH rapid starter

    Hopefully so far so good? So now my questions are.

    My temps are 19C-25C
    R/H %55-70
    Fine for vegging?

    My lights at the moment are 3x T5 lights 110w per light (pic). Sitting 6” from seedlings. Is this enough?

    I have 3x 288qb (pic) I’ll be vegging and flowering with when can I use these on my plants?

    I’ve got 3,5,7 gal fabric pots. I’m tossing up between 5 or 7. What’s best?

    I do have a scrog net/frame. I thought about using it. But thought I’d work out growing in coco first. Or should I use it?

    I’ve seen lots of people’s plants on the net and there’s are much bigger then mine. I’m guessing cause I started mine in soil and crappy light. Since being in coco they have grown a bit. But not much.

    heres some pics of my plants the pics Smallest in cups before going into my tent Til today. I’ve left the dates on the pics.

    E63E8CC8-B88F-48F3-8427-04A49A28DE79.jpeg 8EB4A1BF-834B-4709-B049-EEDC33F42105.jpeg 2AD40109-DDC8-431C-B233-F5FE958DD956.jpeg 73CF9C2B-5BB6-446F-8F63-A9A34918F152.jpeg FB63D280-3DBB-4718-B357-2845650AFFF6.jpeg E6C2F734-15C2-4160-82D7-8E235237B6FE.jpeg 46B32921-BA46-4CED-9BA9-86A0CB220404.jpeg 5DC7BC11-2F17-4F81-B799-CB62927513CF.jpeg

    Is everything I’m doing ok? Any tips? Sorry for the long post lol

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  2. Fire those QBs up
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  3. Perfect!! What height would I start them at?
  4. This is the QBs at 30”
    CF59F74D-4100-4268-BA2A-BD39978655A1.jpeg 25E0B96A-754D-4371-A007-068BB7D4E60A.jpeg
  5. I’m changing the clear hose out for this black hose to keep the lines for going green. I’m debating if I just drill holes in the halos like I did to the clear. Or
    Drill bigger holes but less holes
    Smaller holes but more
    Or adding these drippers to the halos?
    8CA58EDF-3A85-499E-B18D-8DE1767769A6.jpeg AD3F11EC-9558-4212-A7D4-49EFAC89760B.jpeg
  6. Around how much did you spend to get the water system together?

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  7. Hey mate wasn’t much at all. Brought some pieces others I had at home.

    Watering system
    60L reservoir (60L plastic bin) hardware $20
    250L/H circulation pump $20 eBay
    600L/H submersible pump $20 eBay
    13mm hose (main) garden hose from home
    8mm hose/halo rings $17 eBay
    13mm-8mm Y piece $5 eBay
    2x T piece 8mm $3ea (hardware shop)
    55w fish tank heater $16 eBay

    Drain to waste
    2x plastic basin 16L $5ea hardware shop
    Mesh panel $18 hardware shop
    1sec interval timer $40 eBay
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  8. 30 inches from the light is probably perfect right now. Maybe even down to 24.
    Question... is there a way with your watering system to be able to flood the top of the medium at once. Opposing the drip method. ?

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  9. I started off at 30” I’m about to check them to see how they are going. I may bring it down. With the watering system it only takes about 10-15 secs to get run off. I let the timer go 25 secs to get a good amount of run off.
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    Just took a few photos. They look like they are doing ok?
    1D749D40-978F-4CCD-A85D-F92D985B08BA.jpeg 2FC66D16-7FEA-4312-B903-608585217994.jpeg D0E80F88-278E-4766-8166-BB801A4FBF8D.jpeg
    I noticed 1 plant has a weird leaf. But it’s always had a odd leaf tho

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  11. Some guys just run the water line with no halo or drippers to get the whole container to flood.
  12. Looks good. With the amount of space and the stains of ur plant you could get away with lst ing to the pot. I would love a scrog but don't have the space yet. Next grow i will for sure.

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  13. Are they green crack autos? Your plants are a month. .. id put em in their final pot. If you have the space for seven gal id do it. Make sure to test your run off to dial in your water ritual in relation to pot and plant size.

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  14. That's what i want. The whole top of the container to flood.

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  15. Guy that I talk to up in Canada does this he runs 1/4" lines straight to the pots
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  16. Had some dramas with PH creeping up over the weekend while I was at work on night work. 5.8 on Friday morning 6.4 today at lunch time. Also reservoir nutes looked slimey and oily. I had read online about products like Rhizotonic to get rid of slime. I also read about using pond slime removers as a cheaper alternative. Gave it a shot and after a few hrs my res was crystal clear.
    600918CD-3A75-411E-818C-33AB539D85BF.jpeg FFB4880C-C0C1-439F-BF1D-11A674BC5BBD.jpeg
    Plants today after 10hrs of light and fresh nutes. Not looking %100. But 10x better then this morning. Possibly heat stress from the QBs?
    01BD1240-B961-490A-A7C9-826C915EB280.jpeg 95ACA7C3-B8BE-43D0-B32A-AEA5D00AEDFC.jpeg 30B500F2-3A4D-40BF-8B15-4A274DC52380.jpeg 9B4756B7-31F0-4705-BEBE-C925E0F178F2.jpeg 58F22FB6-7083-47CC-9C11-797BAFB6F5F0.jpeg 66924F32-34BC-4AF9-A7DC-E1748B49BCF2.jpeg A0346B8C-13D0-4C16-9F8B-89584502AAE0.jpeg
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  17. My plants are starting to come back after possible
    ph crept high/lockout/calmag,deficiency/heat stress or all of the above. Also swapped them into 3gal fabric pots. The Plants still have some odd leaves still. Will they stay like that and new growth keep growing normally?
    1A00F1D0-1ED5-434E-944E-C488DDE0E5B3.jpeg 9A5EAD0E-7962-40BA-88A7-71B6D2484E94.jpeg 805D1BFB-3148-4BBF-A88E-4F123708029B.jpeg DCE3FF86-AAB1-4306-A3DF-19474A863C6E.jpeg 06FA466C-C37F-4597-B600-9291F75DC3A2.jpeg EAF0B295-8BE3-4778-941C-884C1C0AA64E.jpeg

    I was going to attempt my first scrog but I think I’ll just stick to just top/LST ing. When’s the best time to start training?
  18. Damaged leaves wont repair thenselfs just make sure the new growth is good like your said. Definitely start training now . I usually start topping now then you have more to lst when she gets a little bigger

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  19. I just checked them this morning they look a little droopy. Righto I’ll start now.
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