1st grow, how do these look?

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  1. Ok, so here's where I'm at: Bought WhiteWidow seeds online, they spent a couple of weeks germinating, then I put them into 2 gallon pots under 18 hours of light with a 1000w HPS. Used SensiGrow A/B for the next 3 weeks or so, then transplanted them into 18 gallon tubs each, continuing with the same fertilizer. I let them veg for another couple of weeks and then when the got bigger I added another 1000w HPS light to the room (there are 8 plants). Three weeks ago today I kicked them to flower and began 12/12 lighting, dosed them with BudBlood and am now using SensiBloom A/B and BigBud. They are now ENORMOUS!! I think I let them veg for a couple of weeks too long, but in these big 18 gallon tubs, the roots went crazy. My friend at the local hydroponics store told me that I should keep up with the same fertilizer (but stop the BigBud and start using Overdrive... he's a big Advanced Nutrients guy).

    This is my first ever grow and I'm now overwhelmed. I've got too much plant in this room, and I'm not sure if these flowers look like what they're supposed to at 3 weeks into flower. I've still got the 2 1000w HPS lights in the room at 12/12 and each plant is sucking up about 2 gallons of food every couple of days.

    I'm posting a couple of different pics. Any feedback/advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Just looking at the plants, I should be getting a huge amount of yield in about 4?? weeks??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Wow, what a way to start off your GC career. They look fine for 3 weeks to me.

    As for finishing time, it may vary from plant to plant depending on the phenotype (unless the seeds are all very stable, consistent - ie. of the same phenotype)

    If you could take some pics showing each plant (individually) in its' entirety, we could help answer those questions more accurately. 18 gallon tubs though, sounds like a potentially big harvest.

    Stake and tie, bend and secure. Make those bitches grow how you want them to. LOL..... seriously though.

    EDIT: I just gotta +rep ya for posting like a man
  3. I agree, what a post, they look lush.

    Keep it up
  4. Jesus Christ, smoke your homie out for the rest of your life. Looks like he helped you out a lot with advice
  5. Oops, me to dude. My first post was awful!

    Keep it up and be sure to show us more pics!
  6. Thanks for the replies guys! It's been a couple of days since the last feeding, so I just went and watered/fed all of my beautiful girls, they took 3 gallons each before I saw a drop of runoff. I've posted a couple of new pics, one of the room itself and how ridiculous it's gotten. (I can't even get into the room without pulling a couple of the plants out into the hallway). Also a pic of one of the plants as it was in the hallway during feeding time.

    I really hope they work out well. Everything Ive read online about this strain of White Widow says that 45-60 days in flower (I'm at 22 now), and plants can yield up to 13 ounces per plant. That seems like a lot more than typical, correct? Although these plants are supposed to get to between 36-40 inches tall... and you can see that I'm just a shade over that height...:rolleyes:

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  7. DANG! Sweet
  8. They look great White widow. Me and a friend have that strain growing currently as well. 9 weeks is the time I generally see given as an estimated time for flowering on the strain. Yours are huge compared to ours. Just be careful you don't throw out your back hauling those buckets into the hallway!!:D
  9. Does anyone have any thoughts on yield amounts on White Widow with these massive plants?
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    holy shit it makes my set up and plants look like straight dirt
  11. Thanks to everyone for your feedback, I'll keep you updated as we get closer to harvest.

    Nobody has grown these that has a rough idea of how the plants yield?
  12. Depends on alot, but with the size you have there 4 to 6 oz minimal maybe? I'm only expecting around 1 or 2 oz each out of ours.
  13. if u dont throw out ur back haulin those buckets around u sure wil when its time to cut, and cure those gorgeous ladies. im jelious
  14. Quick update... SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I came into my grow room to check on my ladies tonight, and one of the stalks had apparently gotten too heavy and broke about halfway down. The break is about 1/3 through the stalk, I staked it up and tied it down good, wrapped some gardening tape around the break and then sang Koombaya to her, I hope she's ok!

    So then I freaked out and thought that all of my plants were going to start crashing down, so I put in a shitload of 4' bamboo stakes and tied them to the main branches, then I took gardening wire and tied the tallest stalks to the ceiling.

    I tend to be mildly paranoid anyway, but all I could envision was losing my entire crop because the buds got too fucking heavy. I'm telling you... Overdrive and CarboLoad are bad ass! I'll take a couple of new pics tomorrow and show you all the improvement in the flowers from my first pics on this thread.
  15. Oh dear, she should heal and some people do stress their plants during flowering to try to boost the yeild. You live and learn

    Good luck
  16. yah bummer man. just splint it up real well hopefully she comes back.

    And yield, I put you well over a pound, maybe even two. Those things are big.

    Holy shit, 8 plants? You will have pounds. Those things are going to be massive by week nine, youre only at week 3. Man, get ready.
  17. I hate playing guess the yeild, infact I don't play it at all but I totally agree that those things are huge!

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    Lookin good man glad to see those lil clones all grown up. I just spent an hour putting in stakes and tying up all of the branches so they quit trying to break off. I snapped a couple pics for ya :smoke:

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  19. I think that the Koombaya song helped her out! I think she might be ok, but I'm staking and tying the hell out of all of these girls, I'm not gonna lose any of this crop!
  20. Speaking of which, you left all your stakes in my car! Remember though, long sleeve shirt and gloves :D

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