1st grow, Hermie, N def, help me salvage what i can plz :)

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  1. So, i have been growing a blueberry plant under about 100w of CFLs. :cool:

    The plant hermie'd, but, i didn't find many male parts and picked off the ones i did find, so i let it grow just because i don't want my first grow to leave me empty handed :(

    Im asking for an anyone to help me with this hermie endeavor, as i cannot tell which flowers will be bud, or seeds, or what. I have included some bad pics with my phone, my camera is not with me, but i can get better pics up when i get my camera...

    Also i think i may have a N def. I have fed twice in the last week and a half, first feeding included a 4 gallon flush, finishing with 1 gal of half strength 20-20-20 MG nutes (its all i have :/ ), then the next feeding was 1 gal reg water, and 1 gal of the same food used in the first one, except full strength. but It still seems to have a def and i don't know if I'm feeding it right? it also has developed RED veins in some of the leaves...i heard that red veins can be genetic, but since only a few leaves have red veins i am assuming it's related to some kind of deficiency, probably N, hoping its not another problem!:confused:

    i know the pics are bad but is there any advice out there for me on either topic? :smoke:

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  2. Looks alright to me man. You should deff take a camera pic of the red veins, I'd liek to see.
    But yeah, your colas look healthy and thats really all that matters at this point. Leaves are supposed to die during flowering. Let it do its thing, and easy on the nutes bro. Especially miraclegrow...

  3. you can sort of see the red veins in the 2nd picture, if you look in the middle of the highest bigger leaves you see a red area, and "fingers" from that extend through the middle to the ends of all the leaves on that stem.
    I know the picture is bad though.
    When i take my plant out in a bit to look at it ill get a better pic. Sadly it will still be a phone pic because i have my camera...but with no memory card :mad:
    but you should be able to see it well enough.
  4. Dude, you're growing weed on a wing and a prayer! Despite a pH meter, proper nutes, and minimal lights, you're doing it!! It can be done, and you're living proof. For this, sir, I salute you.

    In all honesty, I'm pretty impressed by what you've done so far, with what you have. Unless you get a pH meter, and proper nutrients, it's going to be nearly impossible to troubleshoot the exact issues with the plant. As a matter of fact, I'd say the lack of proper equipment is the diagnoses, in this case.

    That said, let's get down to business about saving what you have! Let's get out the duct tape!

    How many weeks since you went 12/12?

    What are your temperatures? (day and night)

    Looks like you're getting some nute burn. Reduce the amount of fertilizer you're adding by about half, and throw half a teaspoon of epsom salt in the water (per gallon) for a couple days. If you can, set out containers to collect rain water, and water with that, rather than tap.

  5. Yeah kindof...Heres what the red ones look like, along with some normal ones...phone pics, will DEFINITELY remember camera tomorrow...i think you can get the basic idea tho..

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  6. Thanks man! yeah i've been basically roughing it. Never checked ph, bad MG soil, nute burn, no proper nutes, light leaks, dehydration, burned leaves, high/low temps, N deficiency, its been through it all and still hang in on :cool:

    i am growing this to make sure i can keep a plant alive, because i ordered fem seeds online and am about to set up a perpetual.

    My sig has the link to my journal for the other setup. I got good soil, ph meter, HPS, etc for this grow and I'm gonna try and harvest every month. You can check out what I've got together so far, all i need now is the light and fan and I'm ordering them tomorrow!

    Anyway, this plant is a test for the ones i paid for!

    Business: Its been 12/12 for at least 5 weeks, maybe 6...

    The temps never get above 81 (with like, maybe 2 exceptions for a few hours) and were 69 for less than 2 days, but other than that never below 70.

    I do believe it's getting nute burned now.
    A week or so ago, all the leaves began gradually turning bright yellow from the edge moving in. I diagnosed it with a N deficiency and fed it 1/2 strength of 20-20-20 in 1 gallon, 2 waterings in a row, with a 3 gallon flush before the first feeding. Anyway, idk what it's doing now, but my next move is going to be a flush, unless someone thinks that would be a bad idea...? pics are in post above
  7. Pretty sure its mostly a Phosphorous def dude. unfortunately your nutes are 1-1-1.
    1-2-2 Would be ideal for where you are in the grow so either get nutes that give you what you need or add some more MG to cover for the P-K but you could easily add too much N and burn your plant. So your move.

  8. I ordered some 10-30-20 "Jacks Classic Bloom Booster", would that help? i flushed it with plain water tonight, because i think it's N burned now..
    Could the problem be root bound? its in a sort of small pot (8", 1.58 gal), and has never been transferred...
  9. Yeah thats about the right ratio, I don't think I would transplant that late in flowering but a flush should be good and then use the 10-30-20 at 1/2 or 1/4 strength, at least for the first couple of feedings.

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