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  1. hi all this is me first grow and im just looking for a bit of advice and a proffesional apinion on what its looking like. the plant is just ove 5inches tall and is 3 1/2 weeks old. ive got it under cfl's and two standard flueor's pointing upwards. any info/input or advice would be great. nice one
  2. hey steevo, welcome to the scene, what is your exact questions? Seems like a rather broad post. Maybe add a few pictures and i can give you a status update on it, 3 1/2 weeks to 5 inches is a little slow IMO but maybe you have a short bushy plant (which is great!), maybe add a couple pictures and we can go from there

    Happy Growing!

  3. hi here are some pics taken just now. u say seems a little short for 3 1/2 week is there any thing i can do to help it. im currently looking to buy a hps light what sort of wattage should i go for. thanks again. nice one

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  4. lol, looking real good buddy, if you are within a confined space i would seriously reconsider your thoughts on buying HPS or MH. I am really against it unless your doing a large grow (ie, a closet or a room..) CFLs seem to do amazing things in small boxs because they produce very high lumen to wattage ratios (ie, one CFL can pump out 1800 lumens... 2 of those are PERFECT for a small grow box) and they stay cool to the touch. The problem with MH and HPS is that they get so damn hot and in a small box, they are really going to dry the plants up...call me paranoid, but i would rather my plants grow a LITTLE slower and survive with no fire hazards and without tipping of the electrical company (think of 2 or 3 50watt CFLs as compaired to 1 400watt HPS or MH)...the wattage usage is lower and if you use mylar or tinfoil (*dull side out*) you should have great success

    I would attempt to secure that plant up with a small stick and thread to keep it from growing on an angle...also, try quarter turns of the pot twice a day, that will keep the plant "moving" towards the light..

    great looking plants man, i am looking forward to seeing great things!


    ps, one plant is like playing russian roulette.. you got a 50/50 chance that your baby is going to be a male and thus a total waste of time
  5. cheers mate thanks for ur input. ive got 4 20w cfls which works out at 400w so ill stick with them for now then. i dont plan on growing loads so that helps. cheers again ill keep on posting pics and hopefully ull catch some of them.
    cheers again
  6. whats up stiff nice plant there buddy

  7. sounds great buddy, out of curiosity, do you have pictures of your grow space? also, what is the lumen rating on each of the bulbs? also, do you use a mylar or reflective coating?

    Thats enough questions to keep you typing for a bit :cool:

  8. hi again. my grow space is 32" wide and 13" deep and as tall as i want it (ceiling is around 8ft tall and i wont need more than that i dont think!!) havnt got me camara today lent it to "mashed" me mate who is also a member. but will get it back.
    the lumens on each of the cfl's is 1100 i know that aint enough and thats why i was looking to get a hid light. and all ive done for reflective stuff is plain white paper for now but im gunna get some plain white paint. nice one for all your input look forward to hearing from u. laterz
  9. 1100 lumens is definitly enough, especially if you have multiple lights. General rule of thumb is 1000 lumens per linear squar foot of plant life.. how many CFLs is it under?

  10. nice herbs
  11. all four cfl's are in the growroom but only two of them fit directly above the plant at the mo(still small bless it) and also got the fluros either side aswell just incase it helps? when i get me camera back ill take a few snaps to show u what i mean.
    cheers for all this advice much appreciated oh and cheers for the comploment greek.
    nice one all.
  12. nice herbs! they're looking really goood for a first grow.

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