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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pork chop, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I have never grew indoors and had a quick question, from the time you start a grow from seed how long on average till harvest ? How many weeks veg how many flower ? Thank you
  2. I usually do 6 weeks veg, 12 for flowering. But when they're done depends more on the trichomes.
  3. Cool thanks i was just looking for a ball park figure how long till i could expect a harvest
  4. Yeah man it takes forever. If you include seedling stage and drying+curing after harvest, you're looking at about half a year. There are a lot of other methods of growing that are quicker. Just depends on your Style.
  5. well i have grown outdoors for like 5 years just never indoor, going to try to scrog it and see what happens .
  6. Scrog is one of the best yield from what I hear. I did LST my past grow, which is pretty much scrog but you tie them down instead of growing under the screen. It was OK but I think I am going to do scrog next grow. It maximizes your light useage if you don't have much power, the downside is that it will be mostly tops, and the buds below will be either small or not there.

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