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  1. Well I'd like to say whats up to the gc community. been on here alot readin thru everyones journals and considered doing one myself. and since im not organized this is alos another excuse to keep track of how long my girls have been growin. IM veggin in a closet right now just put up the 265 cfm fan cuz im having temp issues cant get below 82. Plan on budding in a growlab 145 witha 1kw bulb . The strains im working with at the moment are white widow white rhino diesel and pure gold. i cant remember how far along i am i guess maybe 9 days im not sure. but one of my rhinos is completley deformed i dont know if this will affect it later i hope not. any help from anyone would be great.

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  2. Update

    Having some humidity issues cant get it past 30% will probably buy a humidifier tomorrow. other than that plants looking green so i cant complain. the girls are still recuperating from my messy transplanting. but fuck it. i will post pics up tomorrow.
  3. the deformed one looks like it may be having a phosphur deficiency.but dnt take it from me im no type of expert i just hear alot that purple steams can mean low phosphur

  4. Thank for the tip i'll definitely look into that.
  5. Update:

    well i checked out the issue with my biggest WW and i still believe it was a ph issue. she seemed to have perked up just a lil. hopefully everything gets better. Still can't get my humidity up. so the wife is gonna go get a humidifier for me. other than that growth for the smaller WW has continued since the transplant 4 days ago.
    Along with the pics of my girls my Growlab tent setup also. I haven't seen anyone with one of these so i hope this works well.

    Yeah well i couldnt upload the pics at this moment i'll try again later today

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