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  1. Hi GC!
    Well the state finally came around and voted to legalize MJ. I have been reading up on growing and decided to give it a shot. I just got my order of auto seeds in, and am just about ready to start it up.

    I ended up getting a GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room, 4-Feet 11-Inch by 2-Feet 7-Inch by 6-Feet 7-Inch tent. I have a few CFLs and a t5 2 feet 4 tube light at home but I'm really looking at the Mars hydro 900watt LED. Or any other LED options I'm not sure if that one led would do well or not, or if there were any other options. After plugging in all the lights at home, there was a huge mess of cords and seemed like I'd burn the house down. (That's the reason for not considering hid)

    If you all could help me pick out a lite, I'll get it ordered and get these seeds started with the t5 and CFLs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll get the rest of supplies listed tonight when we're back home.

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    Not sure if you've seen some journals but those mars2 are awesome. I bought some generic 1W cree diodes in a UFO made in China a few years ago with great results, but those mars2 are a little better $ per watt. I'd recommend that if you don't want to build your own panel, if you don't mind a bit of DIY look into some COB leds , every journal I have seen have been at least 1.5 gpw

    Sounds like you got a pretty solid plan anyways, good luck!

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  4. That's a nice plant!

    Thanks for the help!
    for the space, is 900 watts enough? Or could I drop it lower? I know what the site says about the more the merrier, but this is more cost to cost of the different Mars lights, vs the effect the 700- 900 will have? After a quick look buying multiple smaller LEDs seems to be as expensive, and just more cords, as to say buying two 400watt lights may be a bad idea instead of buying one 900watt light? Thanks again for your help! I'm getting stoked to put seeds in the ground!

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  5. Those are some great pics up there. Great grow.
    What is the heat like when using a 600-900w LED setup?
  6. Well I attempted to place the order for the 900watt light, it didn't have credit as an option, so I emailed Sara. Hopefully I can get it ordered soon, shipping to Alaska always takes too long!

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  7. We'll, the mars 2 is no longer an option. They want to charge 150 shipping. This I believe is far too high. I'm not looking at the Area 51 190s x2. This should give the coverage, only thing is I'm not sure on white LEDs, due to the fact I'm not sure of the spectrums. The price is great though. I can't beat it and shipping on two units is 20 bucks.

    Second option: the spider 600 by bml led. They emailed me about it, and need to know how much PAR I need for the plants I want to grow, in order to help design my light for the area. Any ideas on par? I'm still trying to find out how much par old MJ needs. They did say they can chop the spider down to 24' to have it fit in the grow tent. I'm leaning that way depending on price.

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