1st Grow ever,need some advice(im a total noob)!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi all,im new to here and growing in general so im looking for some advice,especialy as to when i should start flowering!
    I have a growtent thats 1m X 1m and 2m in height with a 4inch Ruck extraction fan and a carbon air filter.Im using a desk/office fan for air circulation/stem strengthening and have a 400 watt HPS light about 10 inches away from the plants.
    Im growing 4 Cheese plants(lol) bought from the greenhouse seed bank and they are growing all very nicely as far as i can see,all about 4-6 inches in height with big green leaves and starting to branch off already......they are all 13 days old now,i have pictures of them up untill day 11,i'll take some more in the morning!.......
    What i need to know is when should i be starting to flower these/change pot?Is there any height i should wait for them to get to before i start the flowering cycle?
    I was planning on veg'ing them for 4 weeks before switching over to the 12/12 light cycle,is this too long or too short a time?I
    want as high a yeild as possable in the space i have!!!!Should i be doing more plants, or less plants???Im looking for personal opinions aswell as good advice!!

    Thanks for your time!

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  2. ..here they are again......day 11....

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  3. Look how your plants grow at the end of the four week vegging period. Then take in to consideration their size and that during flowering, they will gorw 2-3 times that height. That's probably my best advice I can give to you. other than that, real good grow.
  4. Thanks for your advice man!
    I hope i have enough plants under this thing,i have another seed that i had from 4 years ago in my freezer lol,its shaman from dutch passion,i thought what the hell might aswell try it out and its worked and growing leaves in a pot right now!!:hello:
    But hmmmm.......this is 2 weeks into my grow,and its only just starting........will it be too small and far from the light compared to the rest,or is it worth keeping it growing for more variety??.....i read that its an outdoor strain ,more than 3/4 sativa,so it will be taller than the cheesies.........i really dont have a clue:confused:lol.I just hope with some care and patience and help from here i can do this without messing up and learn some new things whilst im at it:D

    Peace to all!!
  5. mmm... The cheese. Sounds like your doing pretty good, I'd wait until week 5-6 and see how much the shaman has caught up and go from there.
  6. You just planted the shaman and the others are 13 days old already? Just put the shaman on top of some magazines or something to bring it up so that you have it at the desired height for the lights so that all your plants are happy!
  7. Hi again!
    I fertalised the plants too early!!I discovered it last week,i noticed some of the leafs starting to curl a bit at the sides and downwards(u can see it a tiny bit in my pics),i thought over watering but they were a very dark green colour,a tiny bit of yellowing at the tips of the first set of leafs ....anyways,it seemed to be sorting itself out when i was giving them just plain water each day,but for the last couple of days the leafs seem to have started to do it again?!?!?!:mad::confused::confused_2:
    I thought i should pot them into some other bottles that are deeper and give them a really good watering.........so last night i did that and when i got up this morning i can see the roots have grown down into the new soil already,and apart from the big leafs being being curled down they still look healthy....i think lol.....is this just the way these leaves are gonna be from now on?Its really annoying me to see them like this:cry:lol...
    I'll keep an eye on them today and take some pics to show you wat im talking about,i hope i didnt screw up already!!:(
  8. never use clear plastic containers to put your plants in. they will develop algae in the roots and suck the oxygen dry=sick plants.
  9. Thanks for tha advice,i just need to get some more soil and some drainage pebbles then i can put them in much bigger pots(these new ones aren't clear),i should have that done in a day or 2
    I have to say,the smell inside the tent is already becoming.......interesting lol......:DIm catching whiffs of something really sweet when i open it up,i didnt expect that at this stage and its making me wonder whats its gonna be like nearer the end lol.:smoking:
    I just noticed there seems to be tons of new growth sprouting from the main stem,from where the leafs are.It all looks healthy and non curled wich is a relief:)
    I tried taking pics of them just now in the tent but i think the lights too bright and messes with the cam:mad:.I'll take them out later for some pics when the parents are out:eek:(they dont mind me doing this too much,but i still catch them looking at me as if im crazy occasionaly when they see me playing with my babies:laughing:)
  10. Here they are,am i worrying too much?I know i definetly fed them too early.......:rolleyes:

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  11. Well when i went to bed last night they seemed to be doing better,perked up a bit more and the new growth only had a slight bit of twisting to it,then i get up this morining and my plants feel dry and drooping and more curled......i dont even know how to explain lol,something just isnt right and i dunno what it is,its annoying because i cant really start over again cause im on a tight schedule(moving house in about 16 weeks,maybe less:eek:)im starting to notice yelllowing on more of the leaves also and the very first set are basicly becoming crispy!!!:eek::mad:HELP!!!!!!!!!! lol.Could the light be too close?I was assuming it was too much nutrients at the start but now im beggining to wonder,also they dont seem to be growing much now either compared to before...........im hoping they survive untill i get new soil.......im beggining to wonder if what caligrower said is right and my plants are being starved cause of the plastic containers?I really dont know,all i know is something isnt right and its pissing me off after such a good start :(PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  12. A few pics of my plants a few days ago,more pics later tonight!
    The small one is Shaman from Dutch passion.

    I think i was a bit paranoid about my plants dying after the feeding too early thing,they are totally fine now!!!

    I started another 2 seeds from a random bag of weed i got over 4 years ago lol...........one of them is purple already,from the very start the leaves have been purple/pink (well the first 1 fingered set were green,its al the rest from then on that are purple!),its very very noticable,its in the same soil as all the other and treated the same way so i dunno why its like this other than its got some purple DNA lol.I'll get a pic up later today!

    Take care all and peace!

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