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  1. Hey, I got some cuttings yesterday from a friend to finally start my grow after putting it off for a month, and I'm going to try update this as progress is made so hopefully you guys can keep me right as it is my first attempt.

    I have a 400w dual spectrum hps in a 40x100x170 tent.

    Here they are, the strain is big bud and I'm assuming they are about 2 Weeks old from seed. Sorry about the bad picture I'm using my phone as I don't have a way of connecting my DSLR to a computer.

    Please feel free to post advice and general tips, thanks for reading :smoke:

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    As you can see one of the small leaves on the back plant is not sitting flat, not sure why.
    How long do you think until I need to change to a bigger pot?
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    Couple pics of plants and setup to come please feel free to give advice.

    One of the plants was having problems I figured it was heat stress and dehydration it seems to be perking up now..
  4. You can see in the picture of the light my venting is just a 4"x2" hole, and you can see the difference between the healthy and not so plant.

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  5. Just a heads up - There's a grow journal section, where you will find people that want to follow these.

    As for your grow, looks good so far. You goign to want to tranplant them out of that pot soon. I recommend going straight to the 5 gal.
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    Thanks, if a mod reads this could they move it to the indoor grow journal section please!

    Yeh, I'll let them grow a few days more first, I trimmed all the dead leaves of the sick plant and left the two large ones to still keep photosynthesising, don't want to stress it too much with a transplant too till it gets healthier. But the other plant is looking good :)

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