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  1. my first attempt at growing high grade genetics. i was lucky enough to acquire two clones. one sour diesel. the finest on the east coast. and also one kush clone. one of the best out west. anyway ive vegged them in a homemade cfl veg cab. they vegged for about 3 weeks after i recieved the clones. they are now in 3 gallon buckets filled with bottome layer hydroton balls about 1.5 inches. then i have ocean forest by fox farm mixed with a little pure perlite. it seems to drain extremely well. they recieved minimal nutrients during veg. just a little bit of grow big and big bloom. i didnt start hittin them with tiger bloom and the soluble open sesame until 2 days before i switched to 12 12. also they only recieve nutes every other watering. the kush plant has developed two nice size colas and two sweet secondary colas. as it was topped just once. the Sour Diesel is branchy as hell and has developed a crazy amount of bud sites. ive pruned away the lowest level of branches and larf as they dont seem to get much light penetration anyway. ill save it for the hash stash. right now im in week 5 of flowering on the kush. and week 3 on the SD. reason being i just kept trying to clone the diesel. unfortunatley none of the clones took. so now the two arent on the same schedule. couple questions, ive heard that some people flush in mid flower and flush the last 10 days or so. what do you think about this? also molasses i heard can do something for your yield or aroma or something. anybody know what the molasses regimen is? thanks alot for your help in advance. ive picked up a lot of good shit by tuning into these grow journals. i got pics and vid coming soon. gotta post this now then swithc to my clean computer to download pics and vids.
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