1st Grow, CFL Rubbermaid (Blue Cheese, Red Diesel)

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    Whats up everybody at GrassCity, After researching alot I've decided to Start Growing. If anybody has and good ideas or suggestions or input its is greatly accepted and appreciated, actually its preferred if you post if you look at this :)

    Newest set of pics on Page 2

    -Grow space: 2x 35gal Rubbermaids (Stealth Stacked)
    -Seeds: 1 Fem. Barney's farm Red Diesel1 Fem. Big Buddha's Blue Cheese (I used worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com Seeds arrived in 6 days, Both Germed
    -Medium: 5gal pots
    -Lights: Shit load of CFLs (200+)
    -Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forrest & Perlite (60/40)
    -Nutes: Fox Farms' trio Pak

    Im going to be doing LBH's 4-way LST with each plant. 2 Plants in the rubbermaids.
    Goal: 2oz Per PLant
    Currently On:Week 4
    1st pic is The rubbermaids set up in the closet
    2nd pic: top view of the PLants already in there 5gal bucket

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    Sorry for bad pics, had to use camera phone. :(b
    Any comments tho op so far? My 1st Grow is On the way!!! :))

    DAY 6:

    1st 2 pics are Big Budha's Blue Cheese

    3rd 4th pics are Barney's Farm Red Diesel

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  3. The leaves on the red diesel are twisting a little, thats the only thing i've noticed so far and im wanting to say its cause of ph? I have a ph tester but it is one that u match colors, im going wed. to pic up a digital ph tester from lowes or HD.
  4. Whats up gc, hows everybody doin today?
  5. :( no post? Guess ill get more posters/ viewers as the grow progresses and enters the flowering stage
  6. Haha yea man, thats the way it works I get, my grow is finally started to get a little bit of attention finally but I am still making most of the posts. I guess that just comes with time. I'll be watching yours man, I have a Rubbermaid CFL grow goin right now too....check it out
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    Wats up everybody, just a quick update, today is day 9 and they are looking really healthy, i have 2 (23 or 26) watt cfl's on each plant, i dont have a camera but there will be another update tomorrow on the 10th day, (pics everything 10th)

    edit: alot of change form day 6-10, you will def see something new going pretty good so far

    also i watered yesterday with a shitload of rain water, till there was a few drops o runoff, not enough to check ph though, i have a liquid dye ph tester and was wondering if i should get something else to use? when i water i have used distilled water/ tap water sitting out/ and rain water, and its usually all around the 7ph color,
  8. I'm using a similar setup and just starting out now, so I will be checking your journal to compare notes, and maybe cheat off you a little it. Wish I had access to Foxfarm products out here, but I'm gonna have to make due with what I got.

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    Whats up everybody, so I decided to just put up the pics today of the end of day 9

    1st and 2nd are Blue Cheese 3rd and 4th are the Red Diesel

    also i think its about time to step up the lights, i currently only have 52watts on each plant, within a week i hope to double that for each,

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  10. I have my Red Diesel grow journal in my signature. check it out and see what you're in for. (you might want to skip to the last page.)
  11. I'm now your stalker. I will watch you, and take notes...and apply it to my grow...fear me...love me...maybe you should get a little freaked out.....

    The Genius
  12. yo, if that was directed towards me, i'll help you out with whatever you need brother. that's what this forum is all about.
  13. That was actually directed towards Jcs9MM...but if you wanna help me out, shoot me a PM and we'll talk
  14. haha, no prob man, have any questions ask away :D
  15. Jcs9MM Hey dude, your first grow is looking reaaly good so far. I agree with more wattage, the more light the better. I'll be checking this out. Good Luck! :smoke:
  16. today is the 13th day, and not gonna lie they are lookin pretty good, i wish i had a badd ass camera :(, pics will be up tomorrow which is the 2 week mark :)
  17. Can't wait...just started my second attempt at my first grow...I switched to a coconut fiber/ Birch Bark fiber and Soil mix for my plants.
  18. Hey, with the 2 rubbermaid tubs, do you keep them in there until harvest? Just curious. Looks like some healthy babies ya got there, nice work.
  19. yes im gonna keep them in there until harvest, actually, ill prob dry them in there aswell seeing how i dont have anywhere to dry them, anywhoo

    Here are Pics, This is the end of 14 Days

    1ST and 2ND are BlueCheese 3rd and 4th are Red Diesel 5th is a Top View from the top of the rubbermaid



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    No love no the update?

    Lights on in 3min. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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