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  1. First Grow Journal

    Day 1: Sunday, April 4, 2010
    Germinated 5 bag seeds in moist paper towels in a Tupperware container.

    Day 2: Monday, 4/5/2010
    Seeds started to open. Taproot is out about 1 cm on 2 of the seeds.

    Day 3: Tuesday, 4/6/10
    Taproot on 1 seed is about 1/3”, taproot on other seeds still 1 cm.
    Bought 5, 3” diameter clay pots, MG moisture control potting mix, 6-8” oscillating fan, 2700k, 13w fluorescent bulbs.
    Planted all 5 seeds in pots with moist soil and light fixed about 2” away from all plants.
    Covered with plastic wrap to enhance humidity.

    Day 4: Wednesday, 4/7/10
    Moisture has started to collect on the plastic wrap, keeping the seeds moist.
    No signs of sprouting yet.

    Day 5: Thursday, 4/8/10
    Moisture still collecting on plastic wrap.
    Still no signs of sprouting.

    Day 6: Friday, 4/9/10
    1 plant has started to sprout, others still have no signs of sprouting.
    Going to wait a day or 2 to see if the other seeds are going to sprout, if not I will focus on 1 plant.
    The seedling has straightened up and is looking very strong and healthy. Rotated plate about 45 degrees to get light on un-sprouted pots.
    High as shit so nothing new with the plants.

    Day 7: Saturday, 4/10/10
    Still only 1 sprout, checked to see what was going on with the seeds.
    2 of the seeds were not showing signs of life so those are gone.
    The other 2 seeds had a taproot around ¾” so I will give them a little bit more time.
    Gave all the pots a little water to encourage them to grow.
    Bought another light that gives off a little bit more heat and light to help the plants grow a little faster.
    Transplanted Sprout #1 into bigger pot with new soil.
    Other 2 seeds have yet to sprout.

    Day 8: Sunday, 4/11/10
    Checked plants and 1 of the 2 “hopeless” seeds have sprouted so that's 2 sprouted plants.

    Day 9-11: Monday-Wednesday, 4/12-4/14
    Only thing that's worth noting is that plant 1 keeps “falling down” meaning it looks like it's going to lay down and the leaves don't look too good.

    Day 12: Thursday, 4/15/10
    Put soil around plant 1 so it stands up straight. Plant 2 is looking very healthy hope it grows to be a nice bud producing female.

    Here are some photos of the plants that I took this afternoon.

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  2. how many lights do you have, and only 13w? how far are they away from the light because they could be stretchin and just fallin over.

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