1st Grow: Bagseed

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  1. Here's some pics of two bagseed plants my friend started. He planted two at different times for the hell of it and said If I want them I can take care of them. So that's what I'll do.
    In these pics you can see theres one big and one smaller.
    Any suggestions or Things I can do to assure their health
    PLEASE LMK. Any comments are appreciated too .

    1.The taller Plant

    2.Stem Of The Taller Plant
    Has to be held up by twig or the plant will lean over.

    3.The shorter plant.

    I started germating two seeds today August 1 2008
    Im going to be sticking to bagseed until im decent with growing
    dont wanna blow too much money on seeds and fcuk up.
    Am I Germating correctly ? I Have the two seeds folded up in a wet paper towel. And that towel is under another one.

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  2. was one planted before the other?

    theyre looking great anyway
  3. Yes one was planted before the other.
    That explains the dramatic difference in size between the two;)

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