1st grow, bagseed and a cardboard box

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  1. Hey 1st grow is underway and i've decided to post my progress here, any advice is appreciated :)
    day 1-2 
    I started out by chucking two seeds in some damp paper towels, i was waiting on a few light fittings i ordered onine to use with a load of 11w 2700k cfl bulbs i found in the shed. (pics below, the other big one was broken in the end and the LED was shit). However one started showing root after about a day and as i was totally unprepared i grabbed a handful of soil out the garden and planted it in a 'tea light' candle holder and stuck it under my dad's cfl bedside lamp haha

  2. day 3-4
    Realized it was cold in my dads room (he was away for a couple weeks) and put the planted seed in the front room up against the storage heater to keep it warm. No change to either the germinating seed or the planted one though
    20140204_072834.jpg 20140204_072804.jpg
    on day 4 i picked up some soil and some kind of fertilizer thing. It says 5-5-5 (UK) on the bottom left and 5-2.2-4.1 (Ireland) on the bottom right.. not sure what it would be in US lol. Anyway i was busy that night so scheduled repotting my seed into proper soil for tomorrow.
  3. day 5 - seed was just poking through soil in the morning, tansplanted with no problems into a mcdonalds cup and left under the same single 11w cfl. Still no root showing on the other seed so i added another seed to germ, a lighter less mature one.
    day 6- got home in evening to find that the seed was now on the end of a stalk about an inch tall, and that both of the seeds in the paper towel had germinated! one, the darkest one, taking 6 1/2 days and the lighter only taking a day! I planted both into the same mcdonalds cup (only had one) and left on top of heater.
    day 7 - Dad was due back that night so i found an old desktop PC box in the shed, cut a door in it and covered it in stuff. The 30w 6500k bulb i ordered had arrived by then, as well as a few standalone light fittings and a splitter. I wired up the light fittings by cutting the ends off kettle leads and managed to hang them in the box without too much of a fire risk (i hope) haha. 1st seed was like 2-3 inches off the ground now, still hanging onto the stem. i could see a bit of leaf showing through the seed case so gently eased it off. My first plant was finally out in the open! There was some brown stuff on one of the leaves, probably left from the seed case, that disappeared by the next day. 
    Sorry no pics for days 5 and 6..
    20140207_211117.jpg 20140207_211126.jpg 20140207_211256.jpg
    20140207_211311.jpg 20140207_211332.jpg 20140207_211711.jpg
    My dodgy diy wiring and adjustment string haha
    Will update more tomorrow! 
  4. I will follow, i'm doing somehing similar. Will try to help along the way when i can :)
  5. don't let your box catch on fire....hehe' :ey: ....i did a cardboard box grow once''.....hence the word once.....final product was compromised due to the fact the cardboard kept the enviroment  inside dry as it absorbs moisture too fast and wound up with crappy nuggz due to poor conditions......but it was my first grow too so it was ok as i learned alot along the way and now have some bomb ass dresser cabs going now and it great'''' :hello: ....good luck bruh.....

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