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    This is my first grow me and my friends have been thinking about growing alot lately; untill it became possible so weve had a mad rush settin this up.We are using:
    - 1 25w CFL (upgrading soon)
    - 1 300w infrared light (warmth)
    - 1 medium sized plant pot
    - Average soil (stolen from a friends grandmas; looks good :D)
    - 1 fan
    - 1 temperature monitor

    This is are grow room or watever you wanna call it I wouldnt class it as a grow room, Maybe a grow Unit :confused:



    The temperature is roughly 30-35 oC

    All Help,advice, comments are apprecaited.
  2. what the hell
  3. We need help not hell lol
    btw the seed hasnt started to cum out of the soil though there is a white stalk kinda fing cuming out of it i needed advice on changes to my grow setup intime for when my baby grows

  4. that was my honest reaction. just staring for a bit then quietly saying to myself "what the hell"
  5. I think your a bit confused that is for the feds il delete anyway to stop confusion you got any advice on wat to do with my setup?
  6. o god thank goodness. dude i was freaked out, i didnt know people did that to get the feds off their asses. but im an "absolute beginner". so i cant really help there. sorry
  7. 1st thing i want to say is you shouldn't steal from Grandma's. Thats bad karma right off the bat. Just imagine poor grammy going to plant here tomatoes, only to find out some rascals stole her soil. Trust me when you are doing somthing like growing MJ you want all the good mojo you can get.

    2nd thing i want to say, and if it is what i think it is im gonna +rep you. Is that a Trapper keeper underneath the pot?!!

    3rd thing is. I would read the stickies and what not in this forum before you continue. I am a novice myself, but IMO the setup looks pretty flawed, and obviously you need more light.

    good luck to you.
  8. lol..my first grow was in a freezing cold garage,on a computer desk,under a desk light.gotta start somewhere.you def do not have enough light.look into getting some HID's(Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium).Your soil looks like it has zero perlite in it.get a good organic soil mix,such as foxfarms ocean forest or happy frog.NOT MIRACLE GROW,organic or not its no good.Look into a good nutrient combo kit as well or make your own compost mix for your soil,that soil just looks sad.For around $250.00-$300.00 you can grow some of the best herb you have ever smoked.I can def tell you that no cannabis plant will survive under that light.Hope this helps.
  9. Trapper keeper? iv no idea i just fort it would be good for the water to drain into the bottem into that tub instead of going on the floor lol
    and wel improve the light this is a stealth grow though and we have limited cash so its strictly cfl's and the infrared thing we just came across and fort 300w thats sounds good it keeps it at 30- 40 oc in there tho how much wattage are we talkin about in cfl's tho
    thanks for the advice anyway :D
  10. I fort that about the soil but with a low budget its hard, personally iv stopped smoking the buddha for now as im on random drug testing for a while :D though my co gardeners spend pritty much all there munny gerrin high everyday,cant blame them though id be doing the same. Theres just 1 bit of good news so far this seed has cracked open and there is liek a stalk 1/2 inch big cuming out. and were ready to plant anuva seed in anuva pot i have got anuva 50w cfl not very powerful but it has high lumens or something which i heard was good and should be able to get a few more cfl's and now weve started are first plant in this soil will trasplanting it into differant soil affect the plant?
    Thanks for the advice ;)
  11. When you mentioned your friends and you thinking about growing a lot lately, I would consider rethinking that. Growing is something you want to keep to yourself or someone very close but I wouldn't tell more than one person about it. I know, its pretty exciting and you want to share your success with friends. I would wait until after harvest because once a few people know, soon lots will find out. You tell your friend, your friend tells one friend and they tell a friend. That will be guaranteed to get you busted.

    Ah what do I know, I'm just paranoid xD
  12. Their is four of us involved in this, and we all can completely trust each uva trust us how we do this works out we just ahve a few minor flawes :D
  13. No doubt.Good soil is only like 15 bucks.My first hydro grow was under CFL's from start to finish.I had about 450w in all so it is possible,but the buds weren't that big and neither was the yield.Compare that to 50w...you won't get much.My 400w MH puts out 38,000 lumens.Look around for some bigger CFL's.Now that ur not smokin you should have some extra money right?The way I see it,I quit smoking as well for a while to get enough money to grow,do I want to spend money on growing or do I want to keep giving my money to some dickhead dealer thats not even my friend?I'm sure your plant can survive for a bit under those lights but I'm sure they will eventually die and you'll just end up disappointed.But transplanting it into different soil shouldn't be a problem but watch out for overwatering,especially in soil that has no perlite as it helps control watering.In the end,get some good soil and a good light.It pays off,believe me :)
  14. And I'm curious as to how many lumens that 50w CFL puts out.And one more thing,you could put those CFL's a lil closer than you have them.CFL light diminshes pretty quick and they don't get nearly as hot as HID.Put it right over top ur plants,about 3-4 inches.
  15. Best bit of advice for you is to read. We can't teach you every simple basic thing that is asked a million times a day, that is exactly why there are sticky posts -- just think of them as answers to your questions that were posted even before you asked the question. In reading you will learn that you have several inadequacies in your setup:
    - 34C is way too hot
    - Not enough light
    - No reflective surfaces
    - What ventilation?
    - "Average" soil doesn't mean anything to us
    - Stealing supplies is very bad karma, inclines us not to help you
    - Watch out with this "trust a buddy" system you have. Sure you can trust each other -- until one of you gets busted with a joint and the cops lean heavy on him, he's looking at a record or not a record, suddenly rolling over on a "friend" looks very tempting...
  16. Thanks for every1s advice weve taking everything into account and this are our small minor changes so far



    The Seed has Cracked


    We potted another additional seed today so thats good, we now do not turn on our infrared light and it stays at around 28OC. I just dropped off an additional 2 cfl's which my buddy will be setting up once he gets home. Also we got some new soil, as you can see. So on the whole things are improving. I am really glad about the seed sprouting in that terrible soila nd its life should improve under our new conditions.
  17. What works best for me is to germinate the seeds in a wet paper towel and put in a zip lock baggy. Wait till it gets some roots in there and put it into a pot, then you can start putting light on it. Also I think its faster to germinate them that way IMO.
  18. I heard if u put the seed in a bottle/cup og water* they will float at the top then u pit it in a warm dark place for over 24 hours then the next day or after a cupple of days they will sink to the bottem then wen you plant them roots will start to cum out and thats what i did i heard about the paper towel thing but i just decided to do it this way :D
    I didnt no it was kwiker in the paper towel teqnique i heard it can take a few days ?
    Which is around the same as this has taken me

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