1st Grow, a Few Problems, but I think its goin

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  1. Well, I planted 4 seeds about 3 weeks ago. I didnt even germinate them, then one sprouted. It got about about 10 hours of sunlight the first week and a 1/2. Then I started to really do my research when a friend gave me 5 more good looking seeds. After that I germinated, 3 sprouted and I set out to find some light. Being lazy as I am, and making a few mistakes (didnt get a ballast) etc, I just today set up what I hope to be my final setup till flowering.

    First Picture is a close up, the one on the left is a week old, doing good, the one on the right is 3 weeks, doing bad, but starting to feel better with good light. The close ones root sprouted into the air, but I think its starting to grow now. Second is far, the whole setup. The tin foil is cause i had a nice light setup but no hood. The fan is off the screen to the right.

    Im using 2 23 watt, 100 watt each equivalent bulbs. 1660 lumens output each. They are about 2-3 inches above the plants. I also have a fan going about 3 feet away to keep it a little cooler and I also heard it strengthens the stalk.

    My main question is about the light. Will this be enough? Any other comments are good too. I have some organic fert, i think its real light, like 5-3-3, but I am going to wait, even with the 3 week plant because its so scragly.

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  2. You will def. need more light for those plants.

    I have the same lights you have, on 1 plant and i dont think its enough :(

    I dunno about my situation, but YOU will def. need more lights.
  3. What type of soil are the plants in and does it have fertilizer pre-added to it? Also, just want to make sure your lights are CFL's (compact fluorescents). I can't tell from the PICS. Yes, do not fertilize yet, they are too small. Also, make sure your cups have drainage holes poked in the bottoms. Additionally, see how the one that just sprouted still has the shell on it? Very gently, see if you can remove that shell with some tweezers or something.
  4. lol thanks for the help. they have holes and the soil if from my parents garden which is rich but no fert. they are cfl and the night after i posted these pics i removed the shell. and tonight i added one more light. thanks

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