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    just thought id jump on here and finally get one of these started. been reading on hear for a while trying to get a grasp on shit all while dealing with my sprouts. my plants were stunted pretty bad all throughout, im at 1 month as of right now and they're waaayyy behind but i learned a lot so it was worth it. started with a 4ft t8 setup, tacked on some clf's and still was not satisfied till i found a great deal on a 400w MH for 100 bucks.

    here's picks as of just now...

    the super sick little plant is actually a northern lights clone from my buddy, i just got it like that the other day. it has taken root and seems to be growing from the center. any advice would be much appreciated with that.

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  2. got a few more pictues of my northern clone. i think the worst is over and shes gonna be just fine. i can see some new growth and the leaves seemed to have lifted. when i got it, it was soaked in the cup with a bag over top. i am now trying to let it air out and get on a regular watering cycle. my temps are still high just around 90 but my nice plants are really growing fast. here ya go!

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  3. just wondering when would be a decent time to flower my plants. they're about 6 weeks old and about a foot tall. im trying to get the bagseed plants out of the way for my new northern lights strain. what can i expect for yield right now approximately? if i get a half o per each plant i would be very pleased....
  4. started looking into ac units for my bedroom. i have seen portable floor units around but they're fucking expensive so i think im just going to take a generic window ac unit and rig up some ventilation to the window. the reason i am not jut putting it in the window is that my apartment complex will not allow it. anyone ever tried this or something similar? i would imagine it will work just fine. im a sheet metal mechanic so i could deffinately make this work!

    until another time...

    nobody seems to be following this thread so at this point i am just trying to keep my own personal log of my adventures!
  5. yea....

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  6. Update ? They look pretty ill in the pics fill us in ?
  7. PS. I have a converted window ac to portable unit I trialed and tribulated together in my grow room pumps mad cold air out !!!!
  8. If you didnt already know that looks like a quite severe nitrogen deficiency.

    Get some high nitrogen ferts like 20-10-10 or 25-10-10

    start at 1/3 the recommended dose

    you can even put a little in a spray water bottle and spray plants ionce every 3-4 hours until they look better
  9. I like your jerry-rigged cooling system. What are your temps and humidity at? And yes it looks like your plants need nitrogen, I would go to home depot and get blood meal. it has a NPK of 12-0-0. also go to walmart and get the PH testing drops. they are sold for aquariums and also for pools home deopot may carry them in the pool section also. you want your soil to be at 6.5 or elese your plants cant pull the nutes out of the soil.
  10. The temps are where I choose :) I have it about 75-80. Humidity in the high 30's to 40%

  11. OOPS sorry. I thought that was a kid sublime pic of the window ac when i asked about all the temps and what not. ANYWAY i like that setup. :smoke:
  12. Naw Im trying to turn him onto the desighn it would help a lot its stronger than a portable and about 400 + cheaper.

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