1St Ever Hermie :( Advice Needed For Seed Viability

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  1. ok guys im growing 5 mixed strains, its been a bit of a half arsed attempt tbh but they are nearly finished
    anyway the biggest plant hermied on me, and because iv been so lazy this grow by the time i noticed it had already pollinated my full grow room bummer huh? lol anyway 2 of the biggest plants have a hell of a lot of seed in them, but the 2 smallest ones seem pretty much ok obviosly they will have seed in but they dont seem to bad,
    so of the 5 the 2 smallest ones look really good high yeilding and ice coated in resin so what id like to know is what do you think the seeds will be like? seeing as the plant they are coming from is looking damn fine im thinking about using the seeds i find in this said plant for my next grow, as iv never had a plant go to seed im low on experince on this subject so will the seeds be viable and FEM?
    all the 5 plants are from FEM seeds so surely cross breeding a hermie with a fem should result in FEM seeds? or will they be hermie seeds?
    has any1 got any exp with this?

  2. I know a few people who have had good experiences with seeds from hermie polinated plants. Just don't use the seeds from the plant that hermied.
  3. Do you mean one plant grew nanas? Or did it actually hermie and produce some male balls? They are different. True herme with balls....BAD genetics and IMO should be killed. Self polinated due to stress makes for good pollen to use but the seeds on itself will all probably freak and be of no value. I have grown self pollinated seeds....they popped but all grew nanas early in flower.

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