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1st day of T Break and dying to smoke!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rikardolz, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Started a T break today and im dying to smoke!!! Any ideas on how to hold it??
  2. Just try to focus on something else. If you let yourself get bored it gets worse
  3. You're on day one. Of course you want to smoke. T breaking is about mental toughness and it will get better as the days go by because you will start thinking , "I haven't smoked in X amount of days." right now you are at 0, good luck
  4. If i know I have weed.. or where to get it... a t break is basically impossible. I LOVE TO SMOKE.

    But if I had to, and i mean HAD to stop cold turkey, I can and have! But pretty much for that to ever happen again, Id have to have the DEA with a gun to my head. And you better believe id try to inhale the smoke as they pulled the trigger.
  5. this doesnt exactly help with the arguement that weed isnt addictiveXD just saying, anyway find something to occupy yourself. if u get bored, ull wanna smoke, just like people who eat when bored
  6. haha dont let ur mind control you som
  7. I give you props man. I tried taking a T Break this week, literally from sunday - monday, because of money, and I'm waiting for a couple of friends to pitch in to buy a lil bit more. Anyways, opportunity came up to buy at a pretty low price, boom. T break over. I was so ready to take a nice 3 weeker too. Oh darn. I really wish you the best of luck.
    Try to preoccupy yourself, I know there are days when I'm too busy to find time to smoke. The longer you go, the easier it seems to get.

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