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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by TWCM, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Hello all,

    I have many plants outside in different environments, one is in a tall grass, and one is in forest. Both have had problems due to the 2 weeks of rain we have endured. If you look closely you can see mold growing on the soil. I will repot soon. Also the tail end of a hurricane we recieved almost ripped th plants out of the ground. That may have been a blessing as the stem is strong now. Skunks are the best for begginer growers. i will hav more pics later.

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  2. looking good, almost looks like my first grow. Same pots and same looking plants from shity weather when i first put them out. Good luck and stay safe! get them into the ground soon so you dont need to waer them too much.
  3. Another pic, I didn't know it grows so fast. It's like a weed :)

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  4. Some night shots

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  5. 1 more

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  6. You should plant them.
  7. Im going to plant the taller ones in the ground soon. However underneath the tall grass there is clay. Im not sure whether or not a plant can survive in a hole dug in clay, filled with nice soil? Any thoughts or suggestions anyone?

  8. HIGH All, yes you should and your own soil will be best of coarse. Our holes are 2ft across and 3ft deep...fill with your soil..mmmmmmm good.
  9. And if the soils that bad you can line the hole it with a bag with some holes in the bottom. You dont need a holde that big but its nice because you wont need to water often. Make a soil mix with good poting soil pro mix if you can find any, and and get some composted manure, worm castings, or compost in the mix too. Pre mix your soil at home and put it into a backpack or two. transplant one plant at a time each on diffrent days and plant them all at different locations if you can. Thats what i did last year with my 3 plants in case one got cought i could fall back on the other 2.
  10. thanks all for the advice. So, the bigger the hole i dig, theoreticly the bigger the plant? I'm not sure how big I should dig, because I want the roots to have plenty of space. To grow a big plant.
  11. If you only hae the 3 plants dig as much as you can. Mix your supersoil with the local top soil so you get more and it has some nutrients too. Oak leaves are a good slow release amendment to mix into your soil mix.
  12. It's been a couple of weeks, here are some new shots. Finally got them in the ground.

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