$190 to spend on a vaporizer

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  1. as the title says i have 190 to spend on a vaporizer...i could buy local or online...could u guys give me the name and model number of the best vaporizer for around that price? i know nothing about vaporizers and dont own one yet...tnx for anyhelp in advance
  2. Look up Da Budda and Vaperbrothers, they are some good and cheap vapes
  3. Vapir ONE Vaporizer 5.0, search that on ebay its a package deal with a grinder for $150 it seems to have gotten good reviews and its the second model and they said they fixed all the problems.
  4. My DBV (da buddha) will be coming any day now.

    Durable, effective, clean vapor path, reliable company, paid 145 shipped.
  5. Purple Days Vape and VaporBros, I have the second, and it hits EXTREMELY hard. You will have all your friends coughing harder than hell in no time.
  6. Black Da Buddha. Enough said.
  7. Google this:

    V-Tower by Arizer

    ... it is way better than any suggested vapes so far and it costs less, best vape for 175$ period.... go for a v-tower!!
  8. The thing with the Purple Days Vape is that there is a waiting list that goes for like 8 months or some bullshit since they're all made by hand privately. Get a VaporBros or Da Buddha and you will never need another vape again.

  9. um. i just placed my order for a PD on monday and the wait time is approx 7 weeks +/- a week. i don't know where you're getting eight months from but you need to check your sources,
  10. I concur. Had mine for a year and it's used almost daily, still works like a charm. Very well built and efficient for the money.
  11. Got a Purple Days a month and a half after ordering. I hear it's the best, but I bought it as a gift, so I can't say.
  12. The PD is a great vape, but it surely isn't the best for all situations. But I can tell ya this. If efficiency is important to you, there is no vape that comes close to the Purple Days.

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