18 hrs taproot is showing....yes

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  1. hi everyone,im just beaming with excitement.since I have vowed not to tell a single person I know about starting to grow indoors, this is the only way I can share my excitement with others who feel just like I do.anyway...im sure there are others in the same place I am and might use the info.
    attitude seeds,amnesia lemon,tangerine dream,cotton candy cane and jack herer I started germinating at 11pm last night with paper towel method.i had no baggies so I used Tupperware containers about the size of a regular sandwich.i wet the paper towels,drained off the excess standing water...I left em pretty wet but not submerged in bottled spring water.poked two small holes in the lid,placed on top of fridge and covered with towel(I put a towel on top of the fridge first as a mat then covered them with another towel. temp around 75-78 degrees.
    (BTW)a couple were really tiny and I was kinda bummed and had never seen seeds as small as two of these,but none the less I couldn't help it and checked the progress knowing I was just being impatient lol but to my amazement 3 of four had split and a tiny taproot poking out about 16th of a inch.
    I covered them back up to let them go til morning then plant in soil.i was super excited cause ive been doing tons of reading and hearing all different time frames of germination to stories of seeds not germinating at all! bummer these seeds were 12 bucks and change and woulda sucked blowing almost 50 bucks(the jack seed was almost 17$) but screw it.i have just used bag seed the few times ive grow outdoors...with pretty darn good results.this time im upping my game and using quality seeds.i hope it pays off....im not expecting huge yields but would love to put out some a#1 quality this time.
    i am stoked this time because i realize how many mistakes i was making before and have read a ton and corrected a lot of mistakes already,picked up a ton of knowledge and proper equiptment.
    i know im gonna do way better this time.
    thanks for reading will post pics tomorrow am of the baby girls...i ordered feminized.later folks

  2. Congrats on your insta pops.. I've had a miserable time getting seeds pop. Lately. When I started growing, seeds always popped. I used rockwool most of the time. Then I switched to the papertowel method.. Then I soaked em till they popped and dropped in medium..I've wasted a lot of money on fail seeds. Im about to pop two Chronic Thunder from Barneys. Gonna use the papertowel this time then when we get a tap root im gonna soak the rock wool cubes then cut them in half and place the seed in the middle of the medium and make a seed sandwich with rock wool. Ph at 5.5 and maybe a drop of root excelerator for soak. When it breaks the surface of the cube we put it in the hydroton and then bucket. So im gonna go pop some seeds and ill keep you posted with grow .. 
  3. right on my friend.ive got more seeds but didn't wanna put all my eggs in one basket lol.idk why im being such a wussy about this I never used to stress seedlings before.just stuck em in the darn pot...jesus root up root down this n that and chant while spinning in a circle 3 times!!! wtf tons of info to make your head spin man I guess its spending close to 100 bucks on seeds...you start paying attention and stressing to do it right.ive already bitten my nails down waiting the 11 days it took for seeds to show up wondering if I was gonna get beat then stressing and reading about people getting their seeds snatched when they show up in the usa.lmao ive been a nervous wreck!!!
    again its all the time and money invested already and im just breaking ground! my grow room has been ready for weeks,good thing I guess cause ive tweaked a few things here n there.
    ok update just planted 3 outta four and set the timer to pop at 5am for a 18 hr cycle.im actually glad I didn't wait too much cause apparently you don't want the taproot too long,so there in.weather they landed root up or down(pretty sure 2down 4sure lol shined a flashlight in the little hole to look.then I said.....dude stop screwing with them before u do screw em up!!! they will grow.the less I touch em the better!
    so I skipped the pics.we know what the little root looks like.when they sprout ill keep a little pic diary to go with my notebook.
    take care friend
  4. good luck with your grow dude

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