18 and NEVER had an official job???

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  1. Ok i've been active in searching for work for i'd say a little over 2 years now but yet i've never been employed anywhere. In this whole time of searching i've only had 2 interviews, 2 whole interviews and i have applied at coooountless places. I've gotten to the point where i even dress nicely and look presentable when collecting an application (thats how desperate i am). I made sure to do that same thing during the 2 interviews i've had also.

    Is there something i'm doing wrong? I always make sure to call them back even when they dont call me and go in to talk to hiring managers. Now i know our economy is shit right now, but i know people getting hired for work at numerous places. After all this time of searching hella places, it kinda gets me down and discouraged when it comes to finding a job and makes me not want to even look anymore. Is there anyone on here that is or has been in my situation and has eventually found work? If so, what did you do?

    I dont know but i just feel kinda depressed in a way knowing that i wake up with absolutely no money to buy anything i want or need accept for the occasional money my mom will give me or work i do for people. No money to put up on anything with my buddies (if you know what i mean) thank God for caring, generous friends that dont give a shit about smoking me out or buying drugs to share lol. I feel like i'm slacker status, but the problem is i cant do shiiit to change that.

    I'm trying though, any tips or legit help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks guys
  2. I'm 19 and NEVER had a job either. It sucks.
  3. im 18 and NEVER had a job dude. well, i had one when i think i was... 15? bagging groceries.. after that i said fuck working.
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  5. I'm 18, and have had 30 days of employment. It was in April 2007, when I worked at a GameStop 10 miles away. Unfortunately, my car broke down and I couldn't keep working there.

    I may be getting a job at Home Depot soon, though.
  6. I'm 20 and I have never had a job that I receive a pay check for. I have done contracting work and stuff where you only get paid cash. But it still sucks, its just so hard to find work these days unless you want to slang burgers and shit.

    Have you tried places like Mcdonalds. They are always hiring.
  7. Dont worry man. I was in your position about two weeks ago. got a job at a new little burger place. If there are any new places opening up near you go check them out, go in with a smile, be pleasent and look good. thats all you can do at our age. Ive had much better luck at getting a job at a new busines than a pre-existing one. McDonalds is super easy to get a job at. I made a 100 bucks just in the orientations. BTW i live a little ways north of Seattle.
  8. Ok. It sound's like ur just handing resumes out to random companies? They probably just throw em out lol.

    Where do you live? find a job directory for your area
    What do your parents (or friends) do? Can they get you a job/interview/whatever?
  9. bullshit. i got a little over $7 for my orientation :(

    damn im glad i got fired from that place
  10. Im 19 and havent had an official one too. I had 2 steady years of 'working' tho. Also did some cashier work at my friend's moms swap meet stand, that shit gets hectic when you're selling $.40 sodas/waters. A winco just opened near my pad, it was packed with applicants tho, there was even a fight. I got a tia whos been working at auto zone for a while tho so once my system is clean ima try there or napa. Im tired of not having a steady income :(

  11. 7 a hour? our min wage was like 8.25 then now it 8.55. So what, maybe it was a little less than a 100.
  12. it was actually 6.55 before taxes, it raised to 7.25 in july though

    and how did they pay you that much? i thought they just paid for the hour you sat in orientation.

    shit my first paycheck after a week of working was $24.75....
  13. well i don't really know how it feels to not have a job cuz i have been working in this resturant as a hostess now a waitress(once i turned 18 and came home from school) since i was 15 (i am 18 now) and i did not even apply or have an interview...i got it cuz my step dad is friends with the owner.
    But i know how hard it is to get a job especially at a younger age.

    The best advice i have is to directly hand your resume to a manager. And if you do not hear anything in about a week GO BACK!!! Trust me! My mom says she would hire certain people but they just come in and drop off their resume and she never sees them again. That does not leave an impression or show that you really really want the job.

    So ya go back after a week or two if you did not hear anything and leave another resume with manager. This can really impress them with how commited you are to getting a job.

    Also you should have someone check over your resume to make sure it has proper formating and no errors.
  14. temp service & warehouse work are the best paying & easiest to get other than chain stores. It seems like everyone I know my age is living off of parents money or school money... It sucks too because all the jobs I'd like to have need experience that I can't get because i'm aether not in school or haven't done the job before...

    It's a fucked up system we're born into, at least we have the web...

    What kind of jobs are you lookin into?
  15. Well, we had like 9 or so hours of orientation in this small room watching their gay little program. I worked about 15 hour weeks and usually made 180 to 220 a check. This was almost two years ago..
  16. you gotta lie on those stupid questionaires they sometimes give you. where they ask you the same questions over and over just worded differently.

    for example:

    "are you clean?"

    "do you clean up after yourself?"

    bullshit like that. always lie and say yes to the extreme, it looks good.

    plus when they ask shit like "why do you want to work for us" give them a line like " i feel this job will get me ahead and get me where i want to be, i'm excited to have an oppurtunity to work here"

    it's all about the power of bullshit.
  17. Got any telemarketing firms in your area? It wont be much more than minimum wage, and the job really sucks, but they will hire ANYONE. (Given you can read out loud). I did it for about a year, Its a good job to have WHILE your looking for another job.
  18. I know how hard it can be to get a job. It's really hard to get one where I live in MA. Even with work experience I've had problems finding a job.

    Think about it...most places have a stack of applications to pick from...why should they pick yours? Usually when they look to hire new people, the people that already work there can say "Hey my friend ___ is a good worker, he just submited an app " and that app will get chosen from the pile. I've worked between 5-10 jobs and I only got two of them on my own, the rest I had connections to get me a spot. And one of the places I got on my own was desperate for help and in a different part of the state where there's more jobs available.

    Check out some employment agencies though. I worked for one. I went in there and filled out an app and they had me working the next day. It sucked because it was just a temp job, but a temp job is better than no job. Then you can work and make some money while looking for something better.

    And remember, NEVER say you can fail a drug test...even if they say answer honestly it won't affect your employment...I had a friend who went someplace and one of the questions was have you smoked marijuana in the last 6 months....lets just say they didnt get the job.

    I just got a new job so I just went through the whole hiring process, I had to sign on my application saying I'm willing to take a drug test and stuff...those cost money though, most places don't actually use them.
  19. do you have a diploma or ged? any talents or skills?
    I thought I didn't really have any talents that I could really use for a job, but I'm a webcam model now and I make fucking bankkk!
    any job in adult entertainment is pretty legit, at least moneywise. and you dont need any kind of schooling
  20. Thanks for the answers people!, i think im gonna start sending my resume in with applications from now on and keep giving them my resume so they know im serious.

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