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  2. I just went to one like a month ago. This one guy had his wife, his son, and his daughter die in one night from a drunk driver.

    It was difficult to sit through his story, I think things like these are way more effective to prevent drunk driving than other methods.
  3. A teacher at my old high school gave a speech to the entire school and he told a story of where he was driving with 3 buddies in his car and they went down to mexico and wrecked and he was the only one that lived. fucked up shit

    I forgot to mention he was drunk
  4. A 15 year old girl I went to High with was hit and killed by a drunk-driver-operated boat on the lake I live by one Friday afternoon.

    Changed my life, I cant even imagine what it must have been like to sit through those stories.


    Driving under the influence is a slightly less than wise choice, but driving in general shouldn't be undertaken by anyone who isn't willing to contribute all of their attention and focus to the task.
  5. not to hijack this thread, but a while back when I got my first possession charge I had to go to this thing called beginings, basically youth drug counseling. Well the last day they did some shit like this, and it actually pissed me off.

    This lady came in to talk about her son who had had a drug problem. Naturally she mentioned that of course he started with marijuana and then started drinking and then started doing pills and all this bullshit. Eventually he locked himself in his room and blew his brains out. At the end of it all, when they searched his stuff, apparently they said he was "pill-swapping" where kids just get random pills and shit and trade them for other random pills without knowing what they are (a process I've never fucking heard of). Apparently one of the pills was a horse tranquilizer.

    I was pissed off by this presentation. I'm sorry, I don't take pills that I don't know what they are. I don't take horse fucking tranquilizers. I don't own a fucking gun.

    because your stupid son had a problem with drugs doesn't mean that I do.

    I raised my hand and said verbatim when they asked for reactions, "Ma'm, with all due respect, your son's decisions seem very reckless to me, and I know that at least a majority of the kids here would not take a pill if they didn't know what it was. Drugs are not inherently evil, but making bad decisions puts you in a bad place. I smoke weed, I don't do horse tranquilizers. I don't even drink. To be honest with you I feel very offended that you would assume that all drug users are stupid enough to make decisions like this"

    Yeah, I got kicked out of the class and shit. Retarded.

    anyway, don't drive drunk, don't shoot yourself in the dome.
  6. Yeah Ruse, I feel ya on that... but an innocent getting killed by a drunk driver is definately a lot worse/different than an irresponsible pill popper.
  7. yeah, you're right about that. but the principles still the same. Alcohol isn't evil, careless dumbasses who drive drunk are.
  8. Exactly man. People without brains.

    A toke to those we've lost.

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