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170 for a Half?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Quality tubes, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. First time buying over a quarter.I've gone through three of my guys and the average price seems to be around 170. I'm in Newhampshire thats why the prices are pretty steep. It's danks. Would you do it if you were in my state?
  2. That's not that bad man... kids that just get ounces around here generallly pay $350 for some dank.

    I personally would never pay more than $275
  3. Sure dude if thats the best deal you got, take it. But if you want straight prices come on down to michigan =P
  4. Just the other day I was at an unfamiliar dealer's house with a friend and someone else was in buying a half and the dealer said 170 but the guy buying it haggled him down to 160. 170 is a bit steep, 150 is average down here.
  5. Yeah i mean i'm sure i could haggle but he's driving it to me. I believe weed should be no more than $10 a gram. whatcta ganna do? In NH the average for super danks is no more than $350.
  6. Thats a little expensive but its not unbelievable. Do you usually pay more than $12 a gram when you buy smaller weight?

    Either way I hope its good, enjoy it man.
  7. $170 for a half = ~$12/g, which sounds pretty good to me.
  8. Thanks for the quick responses guys! Didnt want to make an impulse buy.
  9. I'll post pics up later if you want.
  10. Yeah I'd like to see the quality of a delivered $170 half. The shit that dealer I was talking about was trying to sell for 170 was super fuego medical, but it was still up there in price.
  11. Yea a half o is 140 here if you have no hookup. And our weed prices are good. So that sounds like a nice deal to me.
  12. don't know how good prices are there, but where I'm from nobody ever pays more than $100 a half. Find a new guy
  13. Damn! If that's for dank, that's an amazing deal (about $7/g). Pricing definitely depends on the area, though. Eastern US tends to be more expensive than other places (especially the west coast).
  14. I know for sure it's from Maine. Had an eigth the other day. It compares to the buds i copped at harrys harvest fest. If any newenglanders know what im talking about. same idea as bonarro, vibes and shit.
  15. GL finding a half of headies for under $150 in Newhampshire. I can get mids for 90 a zip, but i've never jumped on that bandwagon.
  16. If you want straight killer (I'm talking the best buds you've ever smoked) sometimes it can be as expensive as $120 a half, from the grower. Street prices are about $90 a half most ppl pay $100

  17. Trust me, i know :) I'm teased by the canadian prices all damn day.
  18. $170 is not bad at all for a half o in New Hampshire.
  19. That seems normal for out east. Now that I'm near Cali a 180 o for dank is my current price.
  20. That's not terrible but its not great either. You're looking at $340 an ounce, which is normal in some areas for the dank. Maybe try to find a better hook up, or work out a deal with one of your dealers saying you got two others guy wanting to sell you for the same price so he has an incentive to bring his price down to give you the better deal. It's not rude, it's business. Everyone trips about this alot but you have to remember it's all business, nothings personal.

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