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17 yr old vs 14 yr old

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jack228, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. my 17 yr old friend is gonna fight a 14 yr old tomorrow and im gonna watch who do u think would win?
  2. 17 v 14 y/o.

    Great matchup.
  3. lol, what a little fag. does he think hes tough for fighting a kid? shit, in under a year he'll be an adult, its time he starts acting like one.
  4. Girl fights are cool.:cool:
  5. The 14 year old wins whether he gets his ass beat or not.

    You never win a fight when you're 17 fighting a 14 year old.
  6. And not a single fuck was given....
  7. Most likely the 17 year old. That's kinda a stupid fight, why did your friend get in a fight with a 14 year old. That's like 8th grade middle school. Explain the story please.
  8. The 12 year old will win hands down.
  9. I hope your friend likes big boy jail.
  10. I imagine it like this:

    The 17 year old was all chillin' on the block just West of the mall, you know? By that big tree across the street from that church? Yeah, that one...Anyway, so dude was all chillin' readin' his bible and this 14 year old shit came up and started talkin' shit like "Yeah, 17 year old, I like fairy tales too!" and the 17 year old was all "Yeah, 14 year old...You and me in the park tonight!"

    You know, the whole catholic priest thing? Yeah, that would have happened.:cool:

  11. a bunch of 14 year olds were talking shit and they're in gr9 and they wanna fight him so my friend has no choice but to defend himself from them, is it really an unfair match up? and why is it?
  12. Is it like a 6 foot tall 14 year old or a regular small guy. Depending on the situation, I hope someone knocks the 17 year old out.
  13. also he told me they were talking shit for no reason

  14. 6 foot tall 17 year old and 5ft something 14 year old
  15. Buy him a box of tissue and some tampons.:cool:

  16. Well he's three years older than him man. That might not mean much when you're older and say a 30 and 33 year old get into it. There's a lot of growing that happens between 14-17. It's just not a fair fight.
  17. Thats lame as fuck, maybe your 17 year old friend should grow up.

  18. well i mean you're not just going to let a 14 year old beat you up right? he's gotta do something to defend himself.. or should he?
  19. Why is everyone hating on op, I'm sure you've met some annoying little kids down the road and wanted to teach them a lessen too! For all we know the 14 year old could've done something really bad to this guy and now the 17yr old wants revenge. Hell, for all we know the 14 year old could've just been acting all tuff and set himself up for this fight. An example is that the 14yr old could've talked shit about this 17yr olds decesed family member and laughed about it in his face. What ever the situation is I'm pretty sure this kid set himself up for this.

    I can't exactly tell you who will win, because I've seen some 14 year old beat older kids asses.. and fighting is mainly about experience and there's some muscle that helps too.
  20. Something to defend himself? How about he says "I'm not going to fight some kid," and doesn't show up to the fight at all? What, are kids at your school going to call him a "pussy" or some shit? It actually shows hes more of a man than anything, to not beat up some fucking kid.

    You think it makes him look tough defending himself by A) showing up to the fight, and B) beating the kid up? That makes him look like a weak little bitch.
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