156 Watt CFL' Flowering 3 PLants

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  1. I have been vegging my clones recently. I am thinking of starting flowering 9/11. I currently have been kepping them outside from about 930am-530pm and bringing them into my closet into a setup of lights and a fan. 156 watts total of cfl lights (4 bulbs in total) 2 60 watt cfl, 1 23 watt and a 13 watt AND i have emergency blanket as a reflector on the sides taped up.

    could i flower the 3 plants in that closet on a 12/12 cycle with 156 watts total for 3 plants?

    also should i leaave the fan on at all times during flowering. even when the lights are off?

  2. how well does the light cover the three plants? sounds good to me make sure bulbs are 2700k or yellow/red spectrum turn off fan when lights are off
  3. they get good lightting when the closet doors closed. theyve been vegging pretty nicely.
  4. should work then ive seen nice bud from t5 floros
  5. I wonder if moving them back in fourth everyday will stress them any? Rule of thumb is usually 100watts for each plant and 50 extra for each addtional plant.Ive done quite a bit of reading on this, and ppl who have used cfls say the less watts used during flowering will result in a less dense bud. Im gonna be using about 300 actualwatts cfl when i start to flower.

    Good luck tho :smoke:
  6. thanks for the advice. theyve been doing good. 1 of the plants skyrocketed (diablo x sage) and then the blueberry kush i topped and is doing pretty well becoming very bushy, and then my og kush clone i got 2 days ago and has already grown an inch

    I'm thinking of gettin maybe a 40 watt cfl light to replace the 13watt during flowering, or mayb another 60 watt cfl?
  7. Sounds like your pretty set, curious to hear your turnout. can you flower with both 2700k and 6500k bulbs? They will flower under 12/12 but even though the spectrum isnt equivalent to flowering season, whats the worst that could happen?
  8. yeah i found another light that hangs from the ceiling. about 5 feet in length basically covering almost all the ceiling. but thats a 80watt, then i have the 2 60 watt cfls and then a 23watt. So 223 watts for vegging and then thinking of mayb taking out the 23 watt for floweing?
  9. The more watts the better, expecially since cfls wont cause any heat problems.
  10. More light is better but will a vegg spectrum light in flower cause any issues with growth?
  11. vegging nice. i think flowering will be chillin on 12/12

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