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  1. Well this is my first attempt to actually grow indoors. I have started plants inside befor, but never done the entire grow inside. Although I have had a few succesful outdoor grows, I havent any eperience, as I basically stuck them in the ground and came back before it frosted. So here goes, and input would be appreciated! Thanks in advance. Ok little info about the grow. I currently have 3 small plants in 1 gallo clay pots filed with FFOF. They were germinated on 3/20 and put in soil on 3/21. I have no fan or mylar yet. Temps havent been a problem yet though usually around 77-80F. I would still like atleast a small fan as I heard that will help keep the stems fat....Im already running into this problem. I also had a problem. the 2 plants on the outsides went a day without light it seems the stems became very elongated on that first day....oh yes and a 150w HPS light from floralux thats 15" above the plants right now...:hello: Looking for this grow to get me nice and stoned :smoking: any help would be useful. Thanks AGAIN! oh yes i forgot to mention they are just seeds from some good mids i had. I figured Ide practise before i went and spent $100 on seeds. sorry about the pics my girlfriend is at work and i cant seem to find the dig camera....i wil post better pics tomorrow when i get the cam.

    - Mr. Mini-Grow.
  2. now that i see how little justice the phone camera does for them i will get good pics up asap!! sorry:devious:
  3. ok the first 2 pics and the last 1 are of a plant thats not doing so well? :confused: the other two seem to be doing well...almost 2 weeks old :hello:.

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  4. They're right on track mini. Now is when you add a small fan (on low) to blow on the seedling, this will help it build a thicker, tougher, more resilient stem.
  5. Hey man, thanks for linking this in your sig ;):hello:. I ran a 250 last grow and found that with the smaller watt HID's you have to get the light pretty damn close to the plant. I had my 250 about 12" from my sprouts and had no issues. Use the hand test, if its hot on yer hand its too hot for the plant ;) Also if you can only get like 14" away b/c of heat then find more fans or crack a door if ya can. I had my closet door cracked almost the whole grow :eek:. The skinny ones are def due to light stretching imo so try to get em closer.

    If you cant get it closer than def put a fan right on em like LBH said, other than that I agree with him, looks right on the money man :D
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    A note about the hand method. Palm down is how you do it,...stick your hand, palm down, between the light and the plant. If the sensitive skin on the top of your hand is uncomfortable, so will the plant be,...get that light as close as possible light Venners said. Add a fan or turn up the one u have on them already if that allows you to get it closer.

    This will reduce stretch (when the plant grows tall and lanky trying to reach the light that is too far away) and creates nice tight node growth.
  7. Ah, good thinking dude, I never even thought about if people did it palm up, good eye you have :cool:
  8. excellent, ty very much all. Any idea why one of the plants is drooping like that? it puzzles me. Thanks again guys!!!
  9. If its leaning toward the light then thats why. If not, you should just push some dirt on the side to straighten her out. Always try to keep the plants directly under the light, and if ya cant dude to whatever, then rotate em once a day to keep em on an even keel ;)

    You could also bury a little more stem on the ones who are stretching, this will help keep em sturdy till they build up some girth :)
  10. ya idk its weird. the plant is still green, and its still standing fairly straight. it just doesnt look perky. it doesnt look like it did yesterday. it almost looks like it hasnt been watered enough but i know thats not the case. im baffled?
  11. Well when they stretch for the light and get those skinny lil stems, the top of the plant can just be too much for it ya know? Like I said man, if its under the light pretty centered then just bury the stem up a little higher to help it out, you'll be fine :)
  12. ok thanks!:) im hoping to get some succesful indoor grows under my belt. I tried one before about 10 yrs ago. the non smoking father who thinks marijuana is "evil" found it. not such a good thing. you dont think about that shit when youre 16 though lol
  13. Ok Dude I sent you a pm but I feel this info is important for all to know.

    Pics taken from an iphone or any cameraphone on a network has a time and date and LOCATION stamp that anyone with photoshop can find.:(

    DO NOT post phone pics unless your legal:mad:

    Be careful.;)
  14. ok so i pulled the babies out and did the hand check, palm down. i readusted the height, theyre now about 8-8.5" away from the 150. didnt feel too hot to my hand, but im frequently chekcking now to make sure the leaves arent burning. preparing the closet for flowering in the future, sealing all the cracks and making it light proof. also painting the closet flat white. pics up as soon as im done :D
  15. ok i have a question maybe someone can answer for me? this may be a dumb question but i cant find any information on it anywhere....sooo ill ask it:smoking: can you tell anything about the plant by the seed? the only reason i ask this is bc i went to germinate 2 more( wanna make sure i get a couple females:)) and i noticed a few of the seeds that were in my lil bucket o seeds looked very distinct. 3 out of about 175 seeds were very large, oval shaped, and almost flat just a ball in the center to one side. that and they are also pretty much one solid color, pretty dark browinsh. i noticed them bc they are much larger than the rest of the seeds....any ideas? or is it just nothing..? just curiousity
  16. would i benefit from the bottom of my grow area being painted white too?
  17. i just ordered a 200w sunblaster HO 2700k CFL with built in ballast, supplemental lighting for flowering :D figured the 150 wouldnt be nough for the bottom of the plant...
  18. little update! closet is completely flat white, added a 4" fan. working on week 3!!!!!!:hello:
    on another note, the one that i was asking why its wilting? when i checked them this morning it was dead :( still no idea why? its stil green...im going to chaulk it up to crappy genetics?
  19. ok i have a couple questions regarding temps. A) where should the thermometer be? does it matter where it is in the grow room or should it be under the lights next to the plants? B) quite a few people have told me to do the "hand test." put my hand, palm down, under the light and if my hand is comfortable its ok. i have a small fan blowing right between the plants and light. i can keep my hand about 4" away from the light comfortably. other people have told me not to put the plants closer than 12" to the 150 though?? i dont want to kill them but if theyll grow faster at 4" away ill put it there. basically i guess what im asking is if i move them closer and its too close, how long will it take the plants to tell me theyre too close???

  20. Ok A: put the temp gauge even level with the tops of the plants. Canopy level is best.

    Use the hand method. It is safe.

    A 150 watt light is weak. so 12 inches should be fine. I run a 1000 watter 10-14 inches cuz it's on a mover.

    If the plant gets leaf tip burn only on the tops move the light up.

    It's a weed so don't over think .;)

    Your doing great.:hello:

    When did you paint the room?
    And with what kind of paint?

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