150 Watt Hps Enough To Veg 4 Plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ArnoldShortman, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if a 150 watt HPS would be enough to veg 4 plants for 5-6 weeks under a 18/6 light schedule?
     I am working with about one and a half Square feet.

  2. from seed, sure. clones should overtake that space in that amount of time.
  3. light wise no 250w for that many at least
    and size wise hell noo you will fit one

    it better to do one decent plant than 4small ones stick a photo seed in ya small pot in ya space and then put in a bigger pot veg it till its 1/3 of your space then flower. topnitnin veg and get that one plant to yeild alot of bud 150w hps is fine for one maybe two plants but your plants will need space
  4. even from seed i dunno i got a few that by week 4 are 22inches tall and really bushing out so 4 plants will get cramped really quick ibguess you could keep them small but using smaler pots?
  5. Well I use 80 watts to veg 40 plants so ya I bet it'll work. Op said nothing about flower.
  6. veg, yea hands down it will no problem, flower not so much lol, had two and filled my 4x 2 space in about a month and had to LST it a bit at the end...lol

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