150 euro portable vaporizer

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Best 150 portable vaporizer

  1. Flowermate v5.0s PRO

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  2. Boundless CF

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  3. Davinci DaVinci

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  1. After a long research i've found that the best vaporizers for this price range are:
    Boundless CF
    Flowermate v5.0s PRO
    Davinci DaVinci

    I'm really undecided between these 3, which one you think it's the best?
    I've seen that the flowermate has a bit less vapor production, but it has a fully adjustable temperature
    Should i go for the better vapor production or for the adj. temp?
    I know the original davinci unit is quite old, but i've put it on the list because it seemed fine to me and as i couldnt find enought feedback about it.

    I haven't included the Arizer AIR(even if i know its great too) because i couldnt find it for less than 170 ;(

    Thanks in advance for you help grasscity community! :)

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