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15 mg morphine

Discussion in 'General' started by THCeeds, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. how much would you pay for 15 mg morhpine pills?
  2. you could prolly sell them for 3-5$

    i used to get 50mg morphine pills and i could take 2 of them(100mg) and i wouldnt really feel much, IMO the buzz isnt as good as oxycodone and hydrocodone
  3. I think my guy sells 'em for $5 a piece. But I'm not positive on that, I haven't had morphine in ages.
  4. My 60 mg's go for $3:50, but I'm fair.
  5. popping morphine pills are a waste of money unless you shoot it
    like 'drugs said oxy and even hydro are better to pop.
    however if you are shootin then hell stock up cause ya got ya selves a winner. 60 mg for 3.50? damn 20 mg would fuck you up IV....thats 5 doses compared to 1 weak dose ( 100 mg ) ( like dude said )

  6. negatory on the needles sir :(
  7. :mad:
  8. you know what i mean, unless you are going to mainline dont buy morphine pills they suck balls
  9. try railing it. Should do some btter. Ive never tried morphine but i tried hydrocodone and 15 mg oral= 5 mg snorted(tried both). Snorted lasts shorter though maybe 3 times shorter like 1.75- 2.5 hours.
  10. has anyone here ever snorted some morphine pills or ever hear anything about that?
  11. i have its ok if you snort them i like snorten oxy better though
  12. how many mgs would you needa snort?

    thanks for all tha help guys
  13. bump... i realy needa know how many i would need to snort ><
  14. start with 15-30mg like i said ive taken 100mg orally and i didnt od so i dont think you have much to worry about with 15s

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