14mm vs 18mm?

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  1. Hey [​IMG] I need to know what are the differences between 14mm vs 18mm (if they exist)? are there perfomance/efficiency/smoothness differences? (like the SSV Standard wand vs the GG wand?)

    My situation is that I dont have experience with glass, Im a raw joint guy (I dont have water pipes or bongs) but now I will have my first vaporizer in some weeks. I have purchased internationally a LSV and I have to choose a size for the free water pipe adapter that comes with the vape. The options are 14mm or 19mm. What size do you recommend and why? an user posted that with the 19mm you have better air flow and some improvements better than the 14mm. I dont have any experience so I dont know. What I know is that in the future I will buy some small/medium bong for water filtration. Im not interested in pack huge bowls. Im looking for efficiency and smoothness.

    Thanks for the information [​IMG]
  2. 18mm has more airflow.. thats about it

  3. 14 for your use imo

  4. Thanks for the information. But what are the advantages of have more airflow? the most important thing for me is to get a smooth hit that dont irritate my vocal cords, throat or lungs. Im a noob regarding water pipes.
  5. more airflow = less drag (restriction) = easier to milk and clear the tube, regardless of whether you're combusting or vaporizing.
  6. Ok well if your lungs are an issue 14mm because 18mm will cause it to be a quicker harder rip rather than a more "gentle" slower hit
  7. Most higher end stemless bongs will automatically come with an 18mm female joint, whereas most normal bongs have a "low profile" downstem with a 14mm female joint.

    I would say that a 14mm would probably be better for you as you don't need the extra airflow, and you probably aren't going to be getting high-end glass.

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