14mm and 18mm, whats the difference?

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  1. Hey! I know quite a bit about bongs and stuff but one thing I'd like to know from someone out there who has a so more glass knowledge would be:

    Does 18mm really make a difference? Most larger, brandname or heady bongs seem to be 18.

    The reason I'm asking is because I've been using 14mm slides/acs for a while and I'm thinking that it probably makes quite a bit of a difference in air flow...

    What do you prefer and why?
  2. corresponds to tube thickness

    most fancy a/c are 18's
  3. 18 gives the bong a significant amount more of air flow and since many high end glass users want great performance, yes the main companies use 18 and even up to 24 mm sized joints
  4. I feel kind of stupid for thinking I would prefer 14mm, now if I upgrade my tubes I'm going to need new a/cs! What can you do! Other than use an adaptor that is...
  5. dude i think youre just gonna have to get the new a/c's but yes the adapter would be the other option
  6. I don't mind slides that are 14mm, A LOT of sick heady slides are on 14mm joints. I choose what I like without worrying about joint size.

    However when it comes to ashcatchers and all other joints, 18mm really does have much better airflow.
  7. I wouldn't get a 14mm joint on a double chamber tube, but 14mm is all I need.

    I mostly smoke oil (or water filter vapor) so I prefer smaller volume (single chambered) pieces with 14mm joints.

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