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    So, ill start the extremely sad story of how im left extremely stoned with no food. To start from the beginning i live in the UK, i tend to smoke 2g-3g a day what is the most ive smoked in my life. (Thats with sharing by the way) Right now its 2am in the morning. At 1:30am i decided to go and smoke the last bit of weed i had, a little under 2g. I finish my 2skin and stumble upstairs only to walk back down as soon as i reach the top to go and get some food. I go to my fridge, empty. I go to my cupboard, semi-empty. This is because im in the process of moving house and its pointless buying food here to just leave it in a couple of days. So, i look through the tins to find a single pot noodle, Chicken :D; nothing better than a cup of tea with a pot noodle. So, kettle is boiled after i stupidly fill it full (Still don't know why i did, its a small cup), tea bag in the cup, pot noodle out. Im zoning out and start making shit and somehow i end up with a pot noodle with fucking milk in it... Im hungry. Ive no money. Ive no weed. All i have is a cup of tea with a little bit of milk. The struggle.

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