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  1. #1 Jasonguy123, Apr 2, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016
  2. Start dabbing bro especially if your in a state where its legal you could get way higher then just top shelf weed
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  4. Yea I like the herb too but if its just for the sake of the high definitely your best bet or you could go the least fun route and take a tolerance break
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  6. Yea youll be alright with the dabs haha
  7. Idk man from what it sounds like your tolerance is insane. If I ate a 60mg edible I'd be fucking with the fairies
  8. Nothing you can do except smoke more, cut down or take a T break, you aren't magically gonna get higher off the same amount.

    Best thing to do is cut down until your tolerance where you want it and smoke the same amount everyday so it doesn't go up again.
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  9. I know it's stupid but how long do you hold in the smoke? I've got a stupid low tolerance because I never go over five hits, but I hold them until there's no smoke at all coming back out. One strain I could only do two hits on. Again, I'm a relative noob. If you're smoking that much weed though you could make your own brownies, controlling how much you get in each batch. Steep that oil until it's black and dump the whole thing in the mix, oil and weed. Good luck.
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  10. Edibles I find to vary extremely from person to person.

    I have noticed for me to get a good high off of edibles, I need to eat at least 100 mg while I know other people that feel great off 30.
  11. What is so bad about a t break? Only a few weeks. If you find it impossible to do, don't start dabbing. It means you have a substance abuse problem. Make sure you never try other drugs or start drinking or you will be in deep shit in no time. If you start dabbing you will be asking the same question in a few weeks, except with an even higher tolerance.
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  12. I dont know if i got this right buy you say youre smoking only jack herer.. if i smoke the same strain all day it doesnt do much for me over time.. variety works for me, maybe try different strains, some heavy hitting indicas. Otherwise dabs for sure
  13. My tolerance is next to none so I'm gone when I eat an edible, occasionally I make an edible with about .5g of average shake I have left over , and even then I'm out of it completely haha
  14. So you've never taken a tolerance break, aren't willing even to and want to get higher. Who ever said T breaks were fun lol? Like someone said if you can't stop and aren't willing to just for a short while then you certainly have a substance abuse problem
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  15. At this point you're just wasting a lot money. You don't even need to completely cut cannabis out of your life for t-breaks. Mine got really high smoking 1g+/day, so I decided I would try to smoke half of that. It helped a little bit, but honestly not too much.. a .5g personal blunt would only get me to a 6 for about 2 hours, then it wore off. Bowls (unless taking huge bong rips) did nothing for me. I smoked probably .75g/day AVERAGE for 3 years.

    So my plan was: I took 2 days off (yes, it wasn't fun, but it's worth it. If you absolutely can not go a day without it, then just smoke a very small amount at night), then I started smoking one or two hits off a 1-hitter in the afternoon, and maybe a hit or two off a bong at night, just to level myself out. After just two days, I could definitely tell my tolerance was down. Every day after I noticed my couple of hits a day had more and more effect.

    It's been a week and a half doing this. Last month I was at a G/day, a few weeks ago I was at .5g, and as of about 1 1/2 weeks ago, I smoke maybe .1-.25/day, and that's without limiting myself.
    Now I can put .05g + a little bit of kief in a vaporizer and be at an easy 6-7, and my high lasts a good 3-4 hours.

    Saving money, getting higher, and it's more fun when I do decide to get blasted (in my case, a .3g bong bowl would kick my ass). Definitely fucking worth it.
    If you don't take our advice, then good luck with your infinitely high tolerance. And dabbing is going to make it so much worse, that bud will be the equivalent of smoking dried tea leaves.
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  16. Dam boy I made a edible with 2g's of bud and had a light high.... Makes me sorta mad. My first edible high was a 3day long adventure off of .75 gram now I'm at like 2g and still not surpassing a smoke high
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  17. Its obvious switch to other drugs
  18. Yeah I would say try a different strain or go to dabbing but be careful when I first started to dab consistently the flower was much less appealing compared to the dab high but neither were of super med quality so that is to be expected I guess

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