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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jasonguy123, Mar 30, 2016.

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  2. Make edibles or take a break
  3. What ^ said and/or start growing.
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  4. Switch up how you smoke
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  7. Hmmm. That's unfortunate. Maybe try vaping or water pipes then. Other than that, breaks work wonders... Or maybe try smoking every other day. Works more than you think it would
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  9. Damn yo that sucks. No problem man. That'd get me high as fuck lol. So I'd say go for it, do half flower, half hash. See how that works for ya!
  10. Haha thank you bro. I'm gonna for sure do that tonight
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  11. i mean like most people get a specific way they like to toke i like to use my bong while sitting at my computer but from time to time ill take my pipe on a little walk variety in the location and type of device used to smoke can greatly effect how high you are getting and how enjoyable it is
  12. I agree . Switch to joints for awhile then go back to bongs in a couple months , you will notice a difference for sure . your tolerance for bongs will go down.
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    Bro you should not dab if breaks are not ideal. Im stuck in this situation. I dab everyday for multiple (medical) reasons. Night time especially for my insomnia. I do have productive high too, not just being lock couched.

    I have not been stoned in a while. The head high goes away after 45 minutes, but body highs man thats another world. (my friend said he dont care for body highs, or doesnt really notice them. when he said that i realized this.)

    Dabbing and having a high tolerance IME gives you nice ass body highs but no mindfuck or anything. I miss being mindfucked by weed. I have had a lot of nights of am i high or sober?

    I have to somehow manage to have a month break or two weeks. 4 weeks of not getting high feels like hell. I dont mind being sober but i also have Generalized anxiety. I tried finding answers to why i have anxiety, but i cant. the mental aspect i can deal with i guess but the physical anxiety oh my god. Its a bitch, it lives on its own in a way. like typing this i feel it. My mom, grandpa, and uncle have it so dam genes.
    Tree doesnt get me super high but those other cannabinoids you get i can tell a difference.

    Dont start doing dabs, cuz for me just going back to tree is a no. hitting off a rig > bong rips but thats why im a dabber lol.

    Dont get me wrong tho, i wont ever reject weed, i just wont buy it.

    It'll get complicated at some point. Just dont.

    What i try to do to lower my tolerance is dab only before bed. taking a tiny dab is taunting.

    you can dab, just dont do it much.

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