14 Year Old Girl Shot and Killed at DEA Stakeout

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  1. Someone from SSPD just sent me an email with this article in it.

    Girl shot at DEA stakeout is dead

    By Maro Robbins
    San Antonio Express-News

    Web Posted : 02/12/2003 12:00 AM

    As Ashley Villarreal lay in the hospital and drew her last breaths Tuesday, a friend challenged the official version of how federal agents days earlier shot the 14-year-old daughter of a drug trafficking suspect.
    The eyewitness account came as Ashley's family requested that she be taken off life support. She died at 6:14 p.m., a hospital spokesman said.

    Daniel Robles, a family friend and housemate who was with the teenager during Sunday's stakeout by agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration, offered the conflicting narrative.

    The agents were there to get the girl's father, Joey Angel Villarreal, a three-time convicted drug offender who turned himself in and was charged with cocaine trafficking a day after the shooting.

    Federal authorities have said an agent opened fire when a darkened car accelerated toward him.

    But Robles said that, to him, in the passenger seat, and to the girl behind the wheel, it looked like a darkened car was accelerating toward them.

    The unmarked vehicles that emerged moments after Ashley steered the Mitsubishi Eclipse out of the driveway and onto a darkened South San Joaquin Street appeared to be pursuing them, he said.

    "It makes me really angry," Robles fumed. "This girl's dying and there are these reports that she threatened them."

    Robles' story reflected one side of the polarized narratives and charged emotions that will be sifted by investigators with two law-enforcement agencies examining the shooting incident.

    DEA investigators fresh from Washington visited the scene Tuesday afternoon while San Antonio police officers continued their own inquiry by questioning Ashley Villarreal's grandmother.

    Throughout the day, family members lingered at Wilford Hall Medical Center, keeping a vigil over the girl who once dreamed about being a model or singer.

    Ashley's older sister, Adrianna, said doctors told the family that the gunshot to the head left Ashley's brain like "scrambled eggs." If she still twitched slightly in her sleep, the movement was due to medication.

    Waves of family members came to say farewell before the family told doctors to shut off Ashley's life-support equipment.

    "Her head is swollen. It just doesn't look like her anymore," Adrianna said. "They've taken an angel away from us."

    Earlier that afternoon, the only visible reminders of the shooting were the glass shards of a windshield gleaming in the street and, nearby, a pair of DEA agents sketching a diagram of the incident.

    DEA officials said they could not predict how long their investigation would take.

    The agency's examination of an October shooting that occurred in a North Side parking lot where a drug trafficking suspect allegedly tried to run down an agent is ongoing.

    According to officials, Sunday's incident began when agents watched two figures driving without headlights from the house in a hurry after 11 p.m. As agents tried to block the car's path, the driver accelerated.

    Believing the car was going to ram him, an agent on foot opened fire twice. The agent was "clipped" but not hurt by the vehicle. The car went into reverse and an agent standing behind it discharged two additional shots. Ashley was the only one wounded.

    "Everybody is touched by what happened," said Javier Peña, special agent in charge of the local DEA office. "Our prayers go out to this young girl."

    Robles, 44, described himself as the household handyman who lives with the teenagers Ashley and Adrianna and their grandmother on South San Joaquin Street.

    Robles said that he had waxed the Eclipse earlier in the day and that at the end of the night, Ashley told him she wanted to move it to the back where it could be covered and protected from dew.

    They had to drive around the block to reach the rear entrance. And, like a lot of youths too young to have a license to drive, Ashley wanted to move it herself, Robles said.

    Once they backed out of the driveway, a car tailed closely behind. Ashley said she thought they were being followed and sped up.

    Another vehicle, a pickup, came at them from the front, Robles said. When Ashley veered right onto Motes Street, they collided.

    Robles said the agents opened fire immediately after the crash and didn't identify themselves until afterward.

    "The first shot was fired and Ashley didn't say a word," he said. "She didn't scream or anything and I knew she was hit with the first shot."

    Robles contended Ashley never tried to back up unless, somehow in the collision, the automatic transmission was knocked into reverse. And he insisted that there was no way for the car to endanger the agents.

    "How could they feel threatened when we were jammed in between (their vehicles) like a sandwich?" he said.

    Officials declined to respond to Robles' version or to discuss details of the case Tuesday, citing the pending investigation.

    After the gunfire, Robles said, the agents pulled him out through the passenger side and handcuffed him. Then they reached in and lay Ashley on the grassy curb.

    "They knew. I could see it. They had made a big mistake," Robles said.


    Staff Writer Jesse Bogan contributed to this report.
  2. This is enough to piss you off and make you cry at the same time!!!

    IT'S WRONG!!!!!!!!!
  3. good Lord...and our taxes go to pay for this?
  4. They screw up then try and cover up..

    Sounds like the war on drugs.

    Yes it's wrong!!!!!!
  5. Found at www.usdoj-gov.us/villarreal.html

    Drugs did not kill Ashley Villarreal, drug laws and drug warriors did.

    "Drug did not kill Ashley Villarreal, drug laws and drug warriors did. This evil that is masquerading as justice and the law is neither. These men who murdered Ashley Villarreal have to be brought to justice. If the system will not give justice to the family of Ashley Villarreal, then it is incumbent upon the Villarreal family to seek their own justice on these murderers. If not them, then their spouses, if not the spouses, then the children, if not children, then the parents. If not now, then 10 years from now. The murders of our children by this rogue federal agency must and will end, one agent at a time. Those who support the murders will not be safe."

    Mayor Ed Garza
    San Antonio, Texas

  6. Those are exactly my thoughts. It upsets me so much that our system is so futile, and that incidents like this actually happen.

    Something needs to be done. I'm not sure what, how or when, but this is crazy, living in a system where our taxes go to people who believe pot is evil, and that killing 14 year old girls is ok. There isn't any mention of how this accident is going to be repaired by the DEA. You can't bring someone back, and while there isn't a monetary value that will ever make the pain for the family go away, there needs to be something.

    What is that was one of us? It very well could be. Scary, hunh?
  7. waht the fuck is going on in our country. our own government kills our children, the very people they say they are trying to protect. A couple weeks ago some family's dog was shot, and today some family's little girl was killed. If the local police are killing our pets and the DEA is killing our children, it REALLY scares me as to what our government is acutaly doing. This shows above all how much the drug war is gettin completley out of hand. i guarantee that everyone on that supposed "stake out" operatoin knew good and well that the man they were after had a daughter. But still, they readily unhoulster their weapons and fire upon the first thign that moves. they might as well start callin them the SWAT team, cuz thats basicaly what they are becoming. its fucking pathetic.
  8. guess whats going in my war on drugs paper
  9. Javeri Pena of the local DEA office responds:
    “Our agent should be applauded for excellent marksmanship. The agent, who wishes to remain anonymous, likened the head shot to hitting a moving casaba melon at 75 yards.” DEA agent Javeri Pena adds: "taking out one Latino kid probably rids our country of six Latino babies down the road, who would in all likelihood grow up to be drug dealers."

    holy fucking shit i can not believe the words that came out of this persons mouth

    this came off of the link that she gave

  10. WTF??? That's it....fuck Florida...I'm moving to Canada as soon as possible
  11. i agree, i am looking at schools in our northern neighbor and our decriminalized states
  12. man, when the hell is our revolution gonna come? mabye we should lead it. el revolution de grasscity!
  13. Viva La Revolution!
  14. Javeri Pena should be beat down for those words. I felt a little better after reading what Mayor Garza had to say because it showed compassion for the family and anger towards the DEA but then to read that a DEA prick made such a horrible statement pissed me off more than I was when I read about the girl.

    I went downtown for "Evict the DEA" today and the turnout wasn't bad. I spoke to one of the agents...I kind of had to since I was passing out flyers with this article printed on them right in front of him...and he said that her "murder" (he used that word) should have never happened and that when things like this occur, it makes them all look bad. I boldly stated my thoughts on the prohibition of marijuana and what it's causing the government to do to otherwise innocent people and he never disagreed with me. I wish I would have known what Pena had said before I printed off my flyers because I would have added that to them.

    I'm SO angry right now. And the crack about Latino's...how ignorant!!! Racism shouldn't be tolerated at all. People who are so blatent with their dislike of people from other races besides their own should not be in any kind of authoritative position. Racist leaders help make a racist community and it just shouldn't be allowed. If you don't have respect for the people you are supposed to protect and serve then you shouldn't have the privilege of doing so.

    *EDIT: Javeri Pena...wonder where he's from???? Damn, what an ignorant jackass!!!
  15. i sure hope those words got that piece of shit into a bunch of trouble with the local community. i would be afraid for my life if i publicly stated that, i can't imagine too many people were happy about that. the first thought that crossed my mind when i read that was "no wonder we are having such a hard time, if we have people this stupid and closed minded runnig the top places in the DEA" well the first thought after "WTF this pisses me off so much"
  16. Found this at www.usdoj-gov.us/hayes.html

    Not so long ago Clayton Helriggle was shot and killed during a drug raid. Could have gone like this. Found at www.usdoj-gov.us/hayes.html

    Excerpt from Dayton Daily News interview with Sheriff Tom Hayes of Preble County, Ohio on the shooting of Clayton Helriggle by Officer Kent Moore. Interviewers, Cathy Mong of the Dayton Daily News and Galileo Galilei, 16th century scientist.

    G. Galilei: Sheriff Hayes, bring us up to date on the investigation into the killing of Mr. Helriggle during a pot raid on his home.

    Sheriff Hayes: It appears Lewisburg Officer Kent Moore was overcame by the excitement of the moment. It looks like we killed another kid needlessly.

    G. Galilei: You were quoted in the evening news as saying there was marijuana trafficking taking place at the farmhouse. Was that the case?

    Sheriff Hayes: No, just some good old boys with a few joints. We had 15 men enter the farmhouse with automatic weapons, flashbang grenades, full body armor. It was just like in the movies. Like I said though, in the heat of the moment, Officer Moore, blew away the kid. On advice of our lawyers, we have to use words like trafficking. You see there is a lot of liability to go around and we have to cover our tracks. Protect our own, if you will.

    G. Galilei: Could you explain what you mean?

    Sheriff Hayes: Sure. Law enforcement in these parts has always been curious as to what goes on in that farmhouse. Mind you, we had no legal basis to be snooping so we jacked an "informant" to fabricate some trafficking nonsense. Judge Paul Henry issued a warrant, knowing that the basis for that issuance was suspect. My Sheriff department supplied that information. Remember, more then a dozen shots were fired in that farmhouse, all by law enforcement. We are lucky we did not kill more people.

    G. Galilei: What happens from here?

    Sheriff Hayes: Officer Moore shot that kid unnecessarily. If it was my child, I would consider this act a blood debt. Think about this, because of some dried weeds, two families have been destroyed. Folks, if you are going to smoke marijuana, you need to consider making your house raid proof. As outlined in ashcroft_balko.html, the dual-fuel air mixture setup will insure that no raid can take place without destroying the raiding party.

    Attorney General John Ashcroft responds: The War on Drugs is indeed a War. It is a domestic war that has killed too many Americans and has destroyed too many families. It is incumbent upon all freedom loving Americans to resist when possible, repel when necessary. I ask Freedom loving Americans to comply not at all, to die not alone. To those who would propagate the War on Drugs and would take your life, take their life first. To those who would propagate the War on Drugs and take the lives of your family members, take the lives of their family members. The Revolutionary War was predicated on smaller and fewer atrocities upon the Colonies then what the American people are now experiencing in the fifty states....

    Found this at http://www.marijuana.com/comments.p...2&pid=16827&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0#16876

    Forget the Japanese swords and the patriotic fevor. This is between the shooter, who according to the papers is DEA agent Bill Swierc and the father Joey Villarreal.

    Let's face it, if outsiders wanted to get involved they would go to Laredo and cross the bridge to Nuevo Laredo,(take the pharmacy alley bridge), 100 yards on the left hand side is a pharmacy. The next door is an upstair doctor, the next door is an entrance to a windowless bar. Go in there. For 2500 bucks (500 to PI Swierc(watch his motion) and 2000 for the family of the mexican shooter (the kid WILL get caught), it can be done. It is not worth it. This is between Joey and the DEA agent. Wish Joey as much luck as the FARC had last week
  17. Found at www.usdoj-gov.us.osamasuperstar.html

    Here is a letter I received from a former student.

    Dear Osama,

    As I am sure you are aware, you have put this country in quite a tizzy since the tragedy of September 11, 2001. That attack has succeeded in more ways than you can imagine. As you know, the attack has put us on a war footing with practically the whole world. Unfortunately, as best we can tell here at the University of Massachusetts, we are on a war footing with ourselves. The United States of 2003, which you created on September 11, 2001, is very reminiscent of Germany circa 1933. We have George Jr, who like Adolph was popular with but a very vocal minority. As Adolph browbeat his parliament so did George do one on the weak kneed democrats into giving him extraordinary authority. We have the "Protecting the Homeland", very similar to "Protecting the Fatherland". Anyway, we digress. The purpose of writing to you is to humbly ask that you surgically tailor your attacks on American citizens. As you know, we have a domestic terrorist outfit called the Drug Enforcement Administration. Anyway, we were thinking the DEA and the Al-Qaeda could eliminate each other and the world would be a better place for it. There are DEA cells throughout the United States. They present a target rich environment. You need only pick up a newspaper in any American city and you will see stories of innocent Americans killed by these drug warriors. Their purported headquarters is in Washington D.C. Their leader goes by the moniker Asama Bin Hutchinson. His mouthpiece is John Walters. You take care of this outfit and we will twirl a couple of spiffs for Allah.


    Samuel Adams
    It is time to go on the offensive.
  18. "blew away the kid"

    What awsome compassion.

    With the right setup I can hit a mellon from 'alot' farther away than that.

    Maybe the crooked cops of the world should think about that for a bit.

    I remain ,
  19. that person would aswell if he was recorded. but doesnt seem to be a recording so wouldnt be enough 'hard' evidence for a trail, as wrong as that is :/
  20. That's disgusting... all of this.. I've heard about things like it before and I get the same feeling every time. It sickens me...

    No offence to the *good* people in the US... but the state of your country really worries me. REALLY. And I thank the creator that I don't live there.

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