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  2. Yeah i've had some pretty fucking intense highs from weed but i'm pretty sure that's bullshit, you'd have to inhale alot of thc to get anything that slightly changes your vision, and i think the whole stoner label is kinda stupid, i mean you don't call people who drink beer, beer drinkers, unless they have an addiction which in that case you'd be labeled an alcoholic.
  3. It's 2016, everyone is a poser.
    You wear glasses, you're a nerd.
    You buy a camera, you're a photographer
    You grow a beard suddenly you're cool.

    Just the way it is.
    Enjoy your own life and not others.
  4. Why would anyone want to fake being a stoner? You'd think people would usually HIDE the fact that they smoke pot.
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  5. OP, you must think everyone around you is really dumb to think that they believe this kid smoked and saw animals that were not there... FYI, people are not dumb and the only dumb people are the ones that actually have enough of a puffed up chest to say "Thats bullshit!" We all know its bullshit and if we don't, we have the means to find out.. Via, well, i guess here we are!!

    It sounds to me OP, like you might be a bit jelly of some people who are conversing about weed while your sitting in the back of a classroom and saying "Fake Stoners" just reveals that. Get some friends dude.
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