Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by phunkyphil, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. wallowing in drugged out bliss
    my mind wanders
    inside, through caverns
    darkness, odd events i witness with vibes of solitude

    but what will the future hold?
    without reassurance in a world without borders
    or radiation
  2. good stuff man :D

    two thumbs up =)
  3. Sorry Cottons but I must out do you.

    *Three thumbs up*

    It really was nice though. I'm very glad it didn't trail off into pointless prose like so many poems do. I'd be happy to read more :)
  4. in exactly the middle of the heart of nowhere
    theres never much to do.
    buy enlightenment for $20,
    when mushroom men invade our lives.
    i guess im willing.
    "are you a cop?"
    hell, when bad urges confuse our inner rolemodel
    things turn bizarre.
    one day,
    soon after at a wasted moment in time
    light mingles with sounds, perhaps voices confuse
    when these odd plumes of smoke
    travel into my mind
  5. This stuff is just awesome. I really like the first one, nice and simple. The second one feels choppy to me, but it's definately got a good sequence to it
  6. the first one was dxm, the second one was smoked shrooms..
  7. that's cool that you can write stoned... i can't even try it. my attention span disappears and i can't keep focus on a single thought long enough to turn it into something, lol.

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