13 people can keep a secret....

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  1. ...If 12 are dead.

    buddy of mine schooled me on how to make my TV a pc screen. so im on my old mac and i can start my journal now! i know yalls excited.... photo bomb in aminute.... keep ur pants on....
  2. wont let me load pics right meow. eff that ill be back later then
  3. Awaiting photo bomb.
  4. ok a couple a at atime i guess.... these are the cindy x alibi cuts i have in veg. first one just got chucked into flower last night. should be done after new years. the other i will be keeping short to mother out and take more cuts in the future

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    next up is IRG stuff im playin with.
    2 g3's i managed to pop. the larger one has been thru hell and high water so far but its still kickin. she be aight tho... smaller one is obviously younger and about to go root bound like her counter part was but i have no room cuurently so she'll hafta deal with the abuse...
    also have 2 45's still in veg. just chucked one the other day cuz it was a boy. its a real shame too cuz these bitches have crazy vigorous growth. only popped shots of 1 45 and an upskirt. the growth on these plants are VERY uniform so more pics would strike me as redundant.

    dont say a word about those g3 containers.... i was out of the cups i normally use and was in a pinch. and bc of space issues when i was transplanting the larger one i had to use a silly shape container. mini veg = bks is a moron

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  6. last one of veg for now. family shot of the mini cab. also have a baby 45 that needs transplant and a couple cuts cookin. we'll get to them in the furture.

    cab dimensions are 21x15x27(minus the light). i for some reason was attracted to the idea of the smallest veg area i could get away with. hind sight 20/20... def shoulda made it more proportionate to the flower cab which is 5x5 im pretty sure... oh well ya live and ya learn.

    light is a 90w ufo from htg. couple years old now. great for veg. love the thing save for the price tag of 180 when i bought it.

    pc fans for intake and exhaust. still havent made light traps for them yet... lazy bug bit me in that regard.

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  7. on to the ladies in flower.... first is the 2 young cindy crosses. right one is at 2 weeks from flip and the left one is one week. didnt top the one cuz it was tiny when i put her in. other one got to veg longer and got topped.

    then the 2 vanilla kushs. the one in the white container is at like 7 weeks straight from 12/12. as you can see she really, REAlly disliked being flowered from seed. this i will not do again...seems a total waste. her twin sister is literally the same age in days but was allowed to veg for the first 10.... she is larger, fuller, and further along in flower now... really wish i had vegged em both but once again... hind sight 20/20. life would be no fun if it werent a roller coaster

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  8. next is g45(a). first and only confirmed female. wanted to veg her longer but space issues in the mini veg made that impossible. took 2 cuts like a week after the flip... hopin at least one takes... so far im 1 for 3 with the g45's. got 3 left in veg. should be able to find a keeper for a while outta this batch... they all look great and are incredibly uniform so far... just a matter of gettin cuts to take so i can get a somehwat steady perpetual.

    btw she is at 3 weeks from flip

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    this is my cindy x alibi. she was the only one to be female. took some last minute cuts in flower and they all rooted so yay:hello: for that! great lookin gal. really takes off in flower. clones pretty easily as well. seems to have lots of sativa influence. slightly fruity. spicy smell so far. also seems to have inhereitted the fast maturity from the cindy in her. shees almost at 7 weeks from flip and is all cloudy with just a touch of amber. prolly gonna take her to 8 weeks exactly which is black friday.

    and lastly my little, runty, deficient amnesia haze. was a tude freebie:rolleyes:. vegged her for like a decade... and she was so tiny it was unreal. only got one transpant cuz i decided to flower her anyway cuz she was eatin up room in my veg cab and as you all should have learned by now... is challengingly small. she is pretty frosty tho i will say that. she is at 7 weeks with the cindy cross. not sure how long shell go yet... but she def not ready calyx's are straighter than a pencil still so ihavent bothered checkin trichs

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  10. lastly a group shot of the flowe tent.

    its 5x5xtall. runnin a 400w with and supplementing with this new 13w led chip i picked up from the hyrdo store. i dunno i saw it in the store in one of the set ups they got goin on. had a great spread for only 13w and it screws into regular mogul outlets for easy installation. so i said fuck it. and tried one out. still undecided about it so ill get back to yall on that.

    thats all i have for now. enjoy. and thanks for stoppin in:smoke:

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  11. what the hell?? you are not to do all this shit without me knowing...ever!!:eek:

    Dam brotha!!! Keep a blowhard up to speed...

    lovn the variety and the ladies are obviously lovin u!!:hello::D:smoke:
  12. Damn joe you beat my post by a minute.

    Looking good BKS:wave:

  13. veeeerry sneaky;):bolt::hide::laughing:

  14. I know right! fucker just slides in the back door and....WHAM! heres a full gow op kickin it...

    very nice stuff there BSK....very nice. Deacon will be happy to see those C99xAlibi..I had a couple but they didnt pop for me, think it was an X-rayed package. or I just suked on that day. awesome plant structure and towering colas!!!

    rock on my brotha!!!
  15. Very nice set up you got so far. I'm interested in the led for flowering, I bet I could get away with something like that.

    Found this one, and I gotta say kinda tempted to give it a try, how hot does your mini cab get?
  16. :hello: Right on, Im along for the ride! :D
  17. Subbed! :hello:

    Dude, I feel like I just jumped up on to a fast moving train!

    Your grow looks great, BKS! I'm gonna be watching them IRGs! ;)

  18. Pulling up my chair. Nice to see ya got a journal started bks.
  19. Pretty sweet BKS man. But hey, I get it and got it. It stands out for me in the thread title :). You've got all this nice grow going on, you're a little paranoid about sharing it (1:12:13 model), but ya just can't keep it to yourself! I know LOL, we all do! :D

    Super nice. Stay super safe and super secret :wave:. Sweet!
  20. Subbed :wave: have to keep an eye on the variety going on in here!

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