13 hours is safe?

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  1. I have a 5 plant Satori grow in the greenhouse that went straight to flower because I couldn't run the lamps without revegging my main grow. Anyway they are small but doing well.
    My question: Presently we are 7AM sunrise, 6 PM sunset, 11 hours. I've got the lamps timed on at 6 PM, off at 8 PM, for an extra 2 hours.
    My question: Is this safe? No danger of reveg? I know 15 is definite reveg so I guess 14 is the danger zone?
  2. 14.5 hours photos stay in veg= 14 hours photos stay in flower

    its tight ...lol
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    I used to routinely run 13 on, 11 off during flower indoors. I didn't see any difference in quality. It took slightly more power for a bit more light and perhaps the yield was worth it. In the winter it meant another couple hours before the heater started cycling in the room surrounding the grow chamber.

    I tried out a number of questionable ideas trying to squeeze out as many oz as possible from a 3x3 scrog. Never made a pound, even after going to 600 watts. Only a 400 watt HPS, I reread my thread. I used to cheat with daylight and reptile UVB cfl bulbs in the corners... But for 500 total watts or so the 10 oz ave was great, once I got 12 with the Grapefruit clone that was lost.
    This was Kalichakra grow. The rationalization for using 13/11 and training as well as pics of this grow to harvest are here:
    LST and "Lollipop" training
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    Sorry to reanimate an old thread I didn't see how old the last answer was. Only slightly stoned:love-m3j:

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