12v cpu fan hooked up to 24v power supply?

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  1. So I have a 12v dc .32amp, 3.84watt computer fan, my question ish, I hooked this up to a 24v 1.5amp power supply, and it worked...

    How long before this fan burns up??? Its really going hard so will this work? Will it work for and hour??
  2. Honestly I don't know because it's a dangerous thing to try.

    Hope you're watching this thing constantly with a fire extinguisher on standby. I would definitely not want to leave it unattended.

    Motors tend to handle high voltage better than electronics, but it's still not something you want to just plug in and leave alone thinking that it'll be fine.
  3. I'm not an electronics expert but I'd say as long as the wires are rated to handle 24v (which they probably are) it should be safe, but the motors getting twice as much power so it's gonna wear out fast.
  4. What about wiring two of the 12 volt motors in series... Woulds that distribute the volts amongst the two??
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    Erm, no.

    That is an Ampere issue. Which is the total amount of power you can draw out of a given circuit, no matter the wattage or voltage, though that ofcourse must be scaled to the intended usage. It's a bit complicated.

    But to put it simply, if you americans with your 110v equiptment came here to europe thinking you could just double up your equiptment on any given 240v circuit, you'd fry your equiptment and probably be having an unfortunate episode with the local fire-department... and insurance company...
  6. Safest way is to build a simple voltage divider with resistors and a voltage regulator. Look online for schematics, otherwise running 24v on that fan is not very safe
  7. In the past I've had a 12v .3 amp running at 19v 1.2a 24/7 for a few months and it was fine.

    Another fan with similar ratings started smoking after an hour hooked to that power supply.

    Definitely a fire hazard.
  8. Well, I. Found an old power supply that puts out 12v so, I just cut the end off that and wired it to my fan an its working fine now.

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