12k (Bloom) Continuous Grow Setup

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Ex-Reagan, May 28, 2006.

  1. Greetings all!

    For my opening post I would like to share my 12k (bloom) continuous grow setup I recently completed. I threw up a bunch pics of the build in my gallery instead of putting them in this thread (for you dial up people).

    The finished project deviated very little from the original design concept. The only real changes were the addition of an intake soffit that was constructed to provide air to the veg room. The design model pics do not indicate the main soffit that provides intake air for all rooms because it was hidden in the pics. Also the 3-10" exhaust fans are mounted directly to collars exhausting out the roof of the loft in an exhaust soffit. The 6-6" fans are bracket mounted.

    I am using 6 T-5-8's in the veg room and 12-1k HPS in the bloom room connected to a CAP MLC-24 Lighting Controller. The system used is a 12-5gal bucket flood and drain on a 55 gal res with controller bucket. Hydroton is the media and Pure Blend Pro is the nutrient of choice. I have three carbon scrubbers one for the bloom room, one for the drying room and one for the loft (trimming room) to scrubb the air. All room have steel entry doors and a computer that is connected to a wireless draft 11n router has 3 security web cams attached to the network to keep an eye on things from anywhere at any time. The outside dimension are 19' w x 40' l x 16' h (at the peak).

    There are three strains in veg right now, Queen, Matty and Trinity will make up round one. This is a big step up from my previous 3k apartment grow in which I consumed an entire spare bedroom and I can't wait to see what comes out in around 80 days or so. :smoking:
  2. Very nice setup, but i do believe from personal experience 1K per plant as shown in your design drawings is a bit overboard, concidering thats about 90,000 - 110,000 Lumens per Sq. Ft.

    If i were you with that amount of lights i would be packing a whole lot more than just 12 plants, I am currently doing 36 Plants under 4 1K lights.
  3. i'm going to agree with dierwold. at least grow 4 under each light. they each would grow to monsters, and you definintely have the room and capabilities to do so.

    but beautiful room and welcome to the city.
  4. very fuckn nice :) love the setup... i would put more plants in there tho... looks good tho:) very pro... that like your barn or something? or you making it living corters too?
  5. damn thats lookin really dope, hopefully you're gonna have yourself some christmas trees :smoking:
  6. Hey all thanks for dropping in. The reason for the low plant count is because this is a medical grow and 12 is the number allocated for two paitients. Going with just 12 I can remain legal because its plant count, not yield amount that I need to be most concerned with. Besides smaller numbers of plants are just easier to deal with in my past experience. Scrog grows I find to be too much work keeping up with the cuttings and grow maint. etc..


    It is a 5,400 sqft shop building next to the finished grow room will be a paint booth. There is also an automotive lift in the opposite corner and a wood shop is just going in in front of the grow rooms.
  7. Hey all,

    I added some pics of the wood shop to my gallery as well.
  8. well, that's awesome, but I think that's going way overboard with the lights. you must be paying HUGE electricity bills. definitely overkill. I bet you could use 3 of those 1k lights for the 12 plants and have more than enough light. hell, if I had a 1000w hps, I'd probably be putting 9-12 just under that one light.
  9. Hehe,

    Well that depends on what you are after I guess. We like to go with a small number of plants and lots of light, at least 1k per plant, 12 lights thats 12,000 grams...that's not bad. With my 3k apartment setup I grew just one plant per light, they were huge and the yield was right on 1g per watt. After dropping 20k on the room setup big electric bills don't concern me. When the plants get going I'll post some pics and then you can decide if I am still crazy or not. :wave:
  10. i am very excited to see this grow. only 12 plants under 12k...those are going to be monsters.

    if your going to be legal, you might as well toe the line.

    how are you going to support these massive trees once they start to pack on the 1000g?
  11. Nice setup, i'm very jealous of you. Keep up the good work man.
  12. Yea please do a grow journal about this :) and also where u gettin all the money to build this whole thing and such you look like a rich ass with ALL that stuff :)

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