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  2. Lol my first blowjob was not too long ago, just a few weeks actually lol. All I can say is it was fucking awesome
  3. Too much teeth = first and worst. Might as well had my dick sucked by a blender on ice crush mode.
  4. Sounds like OP is under 18 and just got his first blowjob.

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  5. I was 14 and my gf sucked at it so badly and by accident forgot to tell her when i was cuming LOL
  6. is it bad that I've never had one?
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    Not my story but..
    There was this chick who was giving her boyfriend dome for the first time. She was going at it for awhile and he was about to bust. For some reason the thought of having cum in her mouth really turned her off and at the last minute she pulled back. Not only did she get cum on her face, but stuck in her contacts hahaha..
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    Let's see first full one.I was 13. Here we go me and my bestfriend/partner at the time went into the camper on his families big property. We just closed it up and blocked the windows on the top bed. We had been fooling around and experimenting and we wanted to try it. We made out and felt eachother/cuddled for a few minutes and eventually he went down first. Damn have to say one of the best feelings ever. We didn't know what we were doing but it was fun and great none the less we were so close and passionate. He was shy at first but eventually just got the full stroke and rhythm. He got way into it and kept pushing my tip into the back of his throat. This was my first real sexual encounter besides hands. He asked me how close i was and i wasn't sure but he said he didn't think he could keep it up. So i focused and laid back and put everything into cumming. Just full length lips to throat as fast as possible. I finished and he pulled back haha because of course swallowing isn't the easiest thing your first time. After that i was nervous but turned on as hell and just went for him i asked if he wanted it and he nodded and laid back. He was super hard right off from the ten minute session on me. I just went tip tongue, straight down the throat. It was new and interesting for us so we lasted quite awhile him about eight minutes. I got so into it and just swallowed it with him at the back of my throat. Coughed once and was good. We laid for awhile after that got dressed and went swimming. Have to say those few months that we were together and fooling around hiding it from everyone were some of the best i had.
  9. I like this thread idea. :p

    My first one was when I was 15. I had just got into a big argument with my mom and she basically put me out. So I called my girlfriend and told her what happened and she told her mom and her mom told me she'd come pick me up and I could stay the night.

    So me and the gf were just sitting on the couch playing around while everyone else was in the kitchen. I don't remember what exactly was said. We were teasing each other. All I remember was her saying "Oh yeah?" And grabbing me and starts blowing me.

    It was really good and fun. It felt like every time right when I was about to bust somebody would be coming and she'd have to hurry up and stop.

    Man I miss that one.
  10. I was a 14 year old pimp, getting my shit sucked by a 13 year old prositute. Big money poppin', get it how you'se live homie.
    So I sat in this rock chair in my room I'm typing this shit in and I pulled out my cock and got her head and mader her start sucking my dick. She was blowing my dick for a good 15 minutes. Then I put the glue down her throat.
    Today she's a cum eating prositute sucking any man for money.
    Forget her.
  11. Great thread, totally jumped out at me

    So I get home from HS w this girl I was interested in at the time. Really developed for 11th grade. Flawless bubble, D's, athletic, slim waist. Bombshell. Didn't have a lotttt of experience at the time but was putting in work. Anyway "hi mom this is yadayadayada" followed by a prompt bLine for my room. Had a sweet setup at the time, I'm showing her around, smoking a little bud, etc. Welllll you know the routine, one thing leads to another, and she's unzipping me as I lean back in my chair.

    I was unaware, but this girl was a pro. Instantly says some freaky shit cutesy as fuck real sly and has me hard as boulders instantly. Starts hitting me w a ridiculous tongue game (THAT, btw, no woman has matched or surpassed yet.) Well I'm watching in fucking awe, thanking god about to shred a tear or something when BOOM!

    Mom walks in not even lookin up yet reading something like "hey babies do y'all wan -" looks up :O I'm like "mom are u serious can you give me one or two minutes perhaps?!" She shuts the door and the girl is looking me jaw dropped so shocked. She's say "uhh" and I kinda look around and reply with all I can think of "well... Uhm we were where now?" paired w a slight grin I couldn't even control

    She looks at me for a minute, and says "oh, haha, of course" and looks me dead in my eyes as she resumed her activity all the way until our business was finished. Great start in my blowjob career for sure lol fond memory.

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  12. I got mine few days ago, I was with my girl at her house just chilling, and her parents left so basically we were watching a movie just chilling on the couch, and we start making out and she stops and tells me to get up, and so I stand up and she slowly pulls my pants down and starts slurping, it was the best feeling ever and I'm looking down while she's got my dick in her mouth and it looked so hot and when I was about to cum she left me do it on her face which looked so hot and I pulled her head towards my dick and she sucked my dry. It was a struggle to stand while being overwhelmed with this awesome feeling. I'm gonna try to get these regularly.
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    I was 14, and my girlfriend at the time was 17, and she was the first "developed" woman I'd ever been with. Nice tits and an ass to murder for. So we were at our female friend L's house with my two best friends Josh and Chris and another girl we'll call C.. So, C is this half black girl with big ol titties, but a sad ass, and man her face is busted.. And L is this cute little white girl, perky tits, decent ass. 

    One of my buddies brought a bottle of whiskey or rum, I can't remember, but we all got PLASTERED. Then, while L's parents were in the living room, all six of us snuck out through the window in L's room, only like 10 feet away from L's parents sitting on the couch, but luckily facing the other way.

    Then we were in kind of like a huge vineyard-esque field, with long rows of orange bushes or something. So we were all really drunk and I started to get kinky with my girlfriend. Then out of nowhere my buddy Chris puts the moves on L and like 5 seconds later he has his hands in her pants. So they take off to another row of bushes, and then Josh doesn't know what to do, because things are quickly escalating between me and my girl, so he grabs C's titties and starts kissing her and then they take off to another row of bushes. You guys unfortunately won't be able to understand how fucking gnarly that is because you havent seen C, but.. Just imagine a nappy headed hoe lol

    Anyway, my girlfriend who was quite a bit older then me, started to pull off my pants. I'd had sex with her a few times before, so I was assuming we were going down that route, but she dropped to her knees and then I scaled Mount Olympus and transcended into heaven.

    EDIT: oh shit! best part, when me and my buddies were driving home, we found out all 3 of us got blowjobs that night. lol
  14. most racist pheg ever.

    good job pheggot you get the ghey award and gittinf the AIDS
  15. My whole family seen (accidentally) my first blow job.
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    Was that racist? Anyone can have nappy hair. I just couldn't think of another way to describe her lol

    oh noe not teh AIDS 
  17. I was in sixth grade and I was dating this girl that was about a year older than me. I road the bus to her house to "teach" her how to "play" my "trumpet". Once we got to her house both her parents were there. Her step dad was getting drunk and her mom was in the liveing room. We went to her room and cuddled for a bit. Then she started touching me. She went under the blanket and did her thing. Her step dad came in and she popped out from under the blanket. And he just stood there for a second. I don't remember exactly what he said but my girlfriends mom was taking her step dad some where. Then he just left. Haha either he dident give a fuck or we was drunk as hell. I then later lost my virginity to her.

  18. sounds like the step dad was a drunk child molester
  19. haha I wouldn't doubt it. Now that I think back, she was kind of a whore..

  20. Haha I don't count the first time I got my dick sucked as my first blowjob. Cause she only sucked for like 2 minutes cause we weren't dating yet haha I had to beg for those 2 minutes too. Neck is nice!!

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