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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokeanchill, Jun 18, 2013.

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  2. solution: dont smoke around her.

    I mean its your wife, if she doesnt like it she doesnt like it. at least she allows you to without leaving you or anything, Your just gunna have to deal with it or dont smoke around her. I mean again, after all man. Shes your wife.
  3. Put on some headphones while your toking so you don't get irritated by her. If you have noise cancelling ones, then you are golden! 
  4. the way i see it you could take the high road and ignore her/dont smoke around her
    or you could take the low road and do the same thing to her (i'm sure you could think of something she does that bugs you)
    you married her, so dumping her doesn't seem like a very good option.
    has this always been a problem or has it gotten worse?  because if it's gotten worse, there's no reason it won't continue until she eventually doesn't want you smoking at all.
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  6. Don't smoke around her maybe? I mean you probably shouldn't be on a forum revolving around potheads asking what to do when you're wife gets annoying. Just don't smoke around her and you will be fine. I would hate it to if I we're maried to a person who was stonned 24/7.
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    just curious, but why does she not smoke or hang out with you while you smoke? Does she completely disapprove or can you both have a good time watching a tv show or movie while you smoke and stay together. If she continues nagging you during your sess then this is obviously not an ideal alternative but smoking alone is not too bad as long as  you don't mind being the only person in the room with extremely different  feelings from her own because she didn't partake in any way or try to understand the effects of marijuana
  8. Yea, my wife doesn't smoke either but she's cool with it. On the rare occasion that I do something stupid and she makes a comment we just laugh about it. I think you're just being overly self-conscious about indulging, seems like you two have a good relationship. Maybe you just need to look at it from a different perspective, have a little fun with it, make jokes and surprise her when she's least expecting it.
     I surprise my wife all the time, keeps our relationship healthy
  9. One question: why did you marry her?
  10. I'm a firm believer in solving a problem from the source. Take your opening post here and say it to her. That's the only solid way you'll know what to do about this.

    Of course, don't come across as accusatory or rude. Just tell her how you feel when she says "xyz". She's your wife man, be open with her.

  11. Man, tell her to take the stick out of her ass!
    Maybe if you convince her to hit it a couple times, she'll "always" fuck up!
  12. tell her shes a buzzkill. talk is key
  13. How about you just talk to her about it and see what her true thoughts are on the subject so you two can come to an understanding? You voice your thoughts she tells her's. If you are getting irritated by her chances are shes getting irritated with you. Relationships take two people to communicate their feels to succeed. I mean come on.
  14. First read the subject line, i was like, "get rid of her" 
    But just be like, hey eat this cake i made.. and then talk to her.
  15. Slip her a mild brownie, and there you go.

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    Bend her over a table and teach her a lesson the hard way.
  17. Don't ever slip anyone dosed with anything against their knowledge.
  18. Bitchslap her or divorce.

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