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  1. All organic soil that i made using espoma organic ferts and fox farm guano. Tried a couple teas in the past but no real luck and dont have the funding to go all out. Trying to stay cheap and simple in my small area. This is my third grow and the seeds came from the last one when i had a couple plants hermy on me. It has been a learning process, I started hydro with bubble buckets and started with 4 seeds and 4 buckets under 200W of CFL under a homemade hood, ended with one plant and a yield of a quarter oz, next was same light 6 plants all organic with a similar soil to this one and pulled an oz of bud plus 4g of BHO. I have never tried LST before but had topped with moderate luck, I like LST lots more. Just on here to share my plant with the community.

    One question:
    This is my first week flowering, just got plants into new soil with a bunch of healthy bacteria, but besides that am I training the big one to much? i only have another 6"-7" left in my area. The little one is just gonna be one big cola and im gonna use the other branches as clones. In the process of building an aero cloner and another grow box

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  2. Bro you did a great job on the LST. Hopefully you dont herm these out. Dont interrupt the dark cycle. EVER. And your growing in a box? make sure you keep fresh air circulating because the stale heat can stress the plants too.

    Glad your doing organics.

  3. ya my box is a mess right now, in the process of re organizing and doing a bunch of work on my house, on sunday ill throw some pics of the whole thing. oh and i got a whole circulation system going on in my house so my girls have all kinds of fresh air, gotta feed em that CO2

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